Paleo diet depends upon avoiding grains and legumes because of their phytic acid content, and most of the dairy products are also be taken less on paleo diet due to the lactose content which becomes hard for digestion.

Keto meal delivery is concentrated towards the people who need to gain dramatic weight loss. Keto diet even amplifies medical conditions and prevents the risk of some diseases. Keto diet advances accelerated weight loss due to it guides your body how to burn fat effectively by commencing a metabolic state called ketosis.

Similarities of the paleo diet and keto diet:

Both the keto and paleo diet have few similarities like they contain no grains, no legumes, importance on healthy fats, supports eating quality, the absence of refined sugar and advances eating of non-starchy vegetables and leafy greens.

Differences between keto and paleo diets:

While both the keto diet and paleo diet are used to gain a particular outcome, the keto diet is more rigorous and targeted, and the paleo diet is extended term routine option that can provide specific health benefits even the weight loss but not provisional as keto diet.

Top 5 Differences Between Keto and Paleo diet:

The paleo diet is not necessarily low carb and high fat:

The paleo diet avoids grains, legumes, and refined sugar but there is no actual limit for the number of carbs so you can take when it comes to fruit and starchy vegetables. You can even use natural sweeteners on paleo diet like raw honey and many more which are more in carbs.

The paleo diet even motivates healthy fats like a keto diet, and you can consume carbs from fruit and vegetables.

The keto diet doesn’t avoid diary:

The paleo diet avoids all the foods that are hard to digest including dairy products. Diary is common food fanaticism since most of us stop providing more amount of lactase.

The keto diet calculates fat, protein and carb percentage:

To function well regarding the keto menu, there is particular macronutrient percentage you must consider otherwise your body doesn’t support ketonic levels. On a standard keto diet, the portion to be referred is 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs. In the paleo diet, there are no any micronutrient percentages to be followed.

The keto diet needs testing for ketosis:

As the aim of the keto meal prep is to commence ketosis, then you need to know the ketosis is acquired or not. The keto diet has numerous testing procedures to sense ketone bodies in your blood which proves that your body began to burn fat radically. As the paleo doesn’t have any particular goal, there are no testing procedures for paleo.

Keto diet concentrates on a particular outcome:

The significant difference between keto and the paleo diet is a specific outcome that is burning fat as an alternative to carbs. Following keto diet mentions like controlling your metabolism and initiating fat loss. The paleo diet still can offer weight loss mainly by avoiding refined sugar and grains, which activate fat storage and weight gain. But your metabolism will mostly stay in the default state which burns carbs for acquiring energy.

So keto diet provides the best results in case of weight and fat loss whereas paleo diet is less limited and can provide gradual weight loss.