If you are planning a party or event and you would like to hire a bunch of fairground rides and attractions, it follows that you should find a good funfair ride and attraction provider or company. The idea of hiring funfair rides, stalls, and attractions isn’t new – a lot of people have done it, whether it’s for a children’s birthday party, a corporate family day, or even a wedding or other special occasion – but the trick is to do it right. The brilliant aspect of having a funfair and fairground event is that you can hold it at different times during the year, even in the winter season, you can have indoor rides and attractions that are guaranteed to make everyone happy. But again, choosing the proper provider – and the rides – isn’t that easy. Here, then, are the top factors you should think about when choosing a funfair ride and attraction provider.

Choosing the rides

The first step is to choose the proper rides, and this entails thinking about several factors. The initial aspect you have to think about is your budget. How much can you afford to spend on the event? Next, think about the venue – is the space big enough for all the rides and attractions you have in mind? Also, think about the participants – are the participants mostly children, or will it be both adults and children alike? If you are planning to invite or are expecting lots of children, you can choose carousels and inflatable bouncy castles, for example. If you have older children or teenagers attending the event, game stalls and booths are an excellent choice. Of course, if there are adults, think about rides which will please them as well. Rides that give an air of nostalgia – such as Ferris wheels – can be enjoyed by both young and old, as confirmed by funfair rides for hire experts from We Are Tricycle.

Choosing the company or provider

When you have decided on the rides, attractions, and stalls to include for your fairground event, the next step is to choose the company or provider. You now have plenty of choices in this regard, as more companies are specialising in fairground rides and attractions, but it’s best to be as careful as possible. You don’t want to be hasty and end up with a company that doesn’t give you what you expect. First of all, check their reputation and see if there are any independent reviews about them. How long have they been in business? Consider their customer support and timeliness as well as the kinds of services they offer, as there are those who can also help you plan your event and give invaluable advice and recommendations.You should also compare the pricing of different companies or providers – and keep in mind that the most affordable is not always the best. You have to remember the safety and security of your event participants, so make sure the provider prioritises this as well. Narrow down your list to three providers and ask for a quote from each, and when you receive the quotes, make sure to compare the exclusions as well as the inclusions. The appearance and quality of the rides the company provides also matter a great deal, so make sure the rides and attractions are well-maintained, with vibrant and colourful designs which can appeal to all your guests and participants.