Summer birthdays are the best. The warmer weather already amplifies the good vibes and makes a summer birthday even more fun. Naturally, you want to give that summer baby a gift that matches the vitality of the season and their awesome self. If you have fried your brain from wracking your brain for any gift ideas, don’t look further than here. Check out what you can get for a summer birthday with these top five gift ideas!

Some Stylish Sunglasses

Summertime is the peak season for sunshine. Its rays warm you up as soon as you step outside and instantly boost your mood. However, the sun’s light is unbearable to look at directly. In which case, how about giving that summer-born friend some high-quality sunglasses? Sunglasses might not seem enough for a gift. However, have you seen the prices of some well-made sunglasses? They aren’t cheap! The least you can do is splurge on some good sunglasses for them since they surely won’t. They’re sure to appreciate it as it’s not only functional but also stylish. You can find ones to fit their aesthetic perfectly while ensuring the sun doesn’t get in their eyes as they drive.

A Birthday Gift Basket

Birthday gift baskets are great if you want to give a little more. The beauty behind giving a gift basket is how you can add so much into one place! You can include all their favourite treats and goodies you know they will love. Plus, if you wish to surprise them with it, you can always have a gift basket delivery service send it straight to their door! It would make for a delightful birthday surprise, and they can enjoy everything you thoughtfully hand-picked. A birthday gift basket for a gift is the best as it’s practically multiple gifts given at once! You honestly can’t go wrong with one!

Fun Backyard Games

Sometimes fun in the sun is found right at home. If your summertime birthday person loves playing backyard games, you can certainly find plenty of them! Do they love staying active? If so, you can get them a net! Depending on their preferred sport, you can get them nice badminton rackets or durable volleyball for them to play with others. Alternatively, you can get a bocce ball or cricket set if they want something more low-energy. It’s a great option since they are games perfect for all skill levels, which makes them brilliant for playing with anyone. If anything, giving them such a gift would make for a fun party activity for everyone and them!

DIY Cold Brew Kit

Are they into coffee? Specifically, cold brew coffee? If so, you can ensure they enjoy cold brew not only in the summertime but also year-round with a DIY cold brew kit! With a DIY cold brew kit, you’re saving them time and money from getting cold brews at their local coffee shop. Plus, you can choose coffee flavour notes they will enjoy and any others they have been curious about exploring. How great is that? It’s an all-around great gift that you know they will actually use- especially in the early morning when they need their caffeine kick! You best bet they will want to brew a cold one as soon as possible to get the energy they crave while keeping cool during the summer.

A Summer Read

Does this person have a big summer reading list? If so, you can help them get a head start on their summer reading list by getting them a book! Their summer reading list is the perfect place to find the right books to buy them. It saves you the trouble of guessing what author or genre they have as favourites. Plus, they would appreciate the thoughtfulness behind knowing what books they have been eyeing for a long time. And, of course, you can be certain they will make the most use of it. After all, it’s nice to bathe in the sunshine on nice sunny days with a good book.

Now that’s a wrap! Hopefully, these gift ideas helped give some good ideas on what to get for a summer birthday.