The Top Five Reasons for the Popularity of Steel Windows Today

Top Five Reasons for the Popularity of Steel Windows Today

Many people still choose to have steel windows when they build a house, just for reasons of security alone. And, of course, steel windows have been the window of choice for various industrial properties for years. But what makes this kind of window the best choice? Is it just because of security, or is there something more? You may not be aware of this, but steel windows can be thermally efficient, too. So what other qualities and characteristics do steel windows have that make them an invaluable choice for your home or property? Here are the top five reasons for the popularity of steel today.

1. It is incredibly strong and secure

There is no doubt in our minds that steel is by far the strongest and most secure material among the different types of windows available. Since steel manufactured today is hot-tip galvanised, it is stronger than ever. The average life expectancy of steel is as long as the property itself, and it is virtually impossible to break into a home with steel doors and windows.

4. It is low maintenance and has a long lifespan

As mentioned, the steel windows manufactured today go through galvanisation to make them stronger – and it also prolongs their lifespan. They are even available in different colours and finishes, so it’s no problem to find one that complements the façade of your building or property. In addition, the steel windows of today come with a warranty of 10 years (or more), and they require little to no maintenance. Unlike wooden windows, they don’t need repainting after just a few years!

3. It has elegant, narrow sightlines

The steel windows available from suppliers like have narrower sightlines than most – because they are manufactured by Crittall – a leader in steel windows for many years. Their narrow sightline gives steel windows an elegance unsurpassed by other materials. They have the slimmest sightlines imaginable, which makes them a great choice for picture windows and unobstructed views. Aside from this, their narrow sightline allows more natural light inside, which is excellent for any property indeed.

4. It has a high level of thermal efficiency

Most of the steel windows available nowadays are vastly improved from the steel windows in the past – and one notable improvement is its thermal efficiency. Most modern windows are already built and designed to be thermally efficient, and the same is true with steel windows. In fact, you can have your windows made with glass that is incredibly thermally efficient, and this would even come with innovative steel framing and weatherproofing. As such, you will have windows that can significantly reduce draughts and prevent heat from within from escaping – resulting in a home that is cosy and warm all year through.

5. It is sustainable

One other fact about steel windows that not many homeowners know about is that it is a highly sustainable material. More steel ends up being recycled compared to aluminum, paper, plastic, and glass combined, so you can imagine how sustainable steel is. Furthermore, it does not come from an invaluable resource, unlike wood. Most of the steel used today for making windows and doors come from recycling – thus, you can proudly say that your steel windows are a green alternative.