You’re going to a first date with a girl and think about how she likes it. You decided to give her a present. You think that after receiving a gift, the girl will be very pleased, and she will like you even more.In most cases this is not true. So this article is about gifts, We will tell you what and in which situation to do. Firstly, let us  conduct a small educational program about who should not get gifts.

Imagine the situation when you met a girl, and, most likely, she hooked you only for appearance. For now. Because you do not know anything about her yet. You do not know how smart she is, how interesting it is to communicate with her, about her various qualities. And, often, having communicated with her on the first, or first two dates, you come to the conclusion that yes, she is a beautiful girl, but nothing more. Communicate with her is not comfortable, she constantly builds something from herself, behaves unnaturally and makes unreasonable demands on men.

And if you come to a meeting with such a girl with a gift – you will only make yourself worse. Because the gift in a situation where you do not yet know the girl is a simple matter. You initially put yourself below her and try to like it in this way. To lick up, simply put. From the same moment, you will  be absolutely uninteresting to her. Initially, the girl wants to see in you a successful and strong in every sense of the person. A successful guy already by default expects a few fans who are hungry for his company. And now think about whether it is necessary to give such a guy something, especially an unfamiliar girl on the first date. And now about the good. Not all girls are stinkers. There are enough good nice girls who will appreciate a small nice gift. If you met a girl, and from the first seconds you feel comfortable with her, do not strain, and do not try to pretend to be who you are not, this is the case.

Most girls in our time abide on the uabrides website. There are girls with absolutely different views and preferences. Do not forget that you can pick up some practical and original gifts for the new lady.

Do not make any expensive important gifts at the first dating.

What can you give a girl on a first date.

1. Flowers 

What flowers? Do not buy a meter rose in the package, but rather give a bouquet of lovely wildflowers or something like that.

2. Sweets

You can buy delicious chocolate, sweets and share with your girlfriend.

3. Souvenir

In case you recently came from a trip, you can share your memories and give the girl a beautiful bauble that you bought in another country. And after that tell about the exciting memories of this trip.

4. On the first date you can come without a gift

If you decide to invite a girl to make a joint flight in a balloon, ride a motor ship, visit a planetarium, a cinema or an entertainment park. But it is necessary to plan such events for the first date in advance and inform the girl about it so that she can find comfortable clothes and suitable footwear.The place for the first date should not be too noisy and distracting. Concerts, discos, inexpensive eateries and markets are not very suitable for spending time with a girl you want to learn a lot about. Place for the first date should be such that you can communicate with the girl without being distracted by extraneous noises and events. Such places are in parks, in a dolphinarium, on a beach, a zoo, exhibitions and greenhouses.

5. Take a backpack with you

And, finally, a very cool feature.Take a backpack with you, put a thermos in it with delicious hot tea and disposable cups. And you go with the girl to walk in the park or some place where you can sit down. You treat her with tea. Your friend will be very pleased, and she will appreciate this originality.

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