Have you ever wondered of preserving your job in the era of robots? This question is up to date in 2018 as there are a lot of machines that already replace some human activities and the situation gets more frightening day by day. Things change — be it from innovations or market expansions, an explosion of cheap labor work because of globalization or relocation because of migrations. However, along with enjoying the technologies, we remain afraid of them. So, what changes will we witness in 5 years?

Business goes back and forth. A modest number have a tendency to survive through the ages, and even a portion of the greatest names in business today will continue to be great to the following century. One thing that you are able to do with ease is to critique the technologies in written form, and some papers on the topic you can see here effortlessly. Time is passing, and business advances, therefore some jobs are transformed, and there is little you can do about it. What is more, when that happens, the employment rate will change as well.

What Jobs Can Be Considered Useless in a Short Period?

The list below will incredibly affect the way you anticipate the future of jobs as the earth and society are moving forward. In this article, we will list only a portion of the jobs that will fundamentally change in the forthcoming decade and the years to come. In case you are working in some of these businesses it may be a savvy call to search for other choices, for some future job trends, do not say we did not caution you. Here is the list of jobs that will disappear soon:


If you have ever imagined a car with a robot instead of driver – that is the case when it may come true. Self-driven machines are evolved enough to serve people, and maybe in a few years they will be as cheap as the ordinary ones


The need for farming has changed rapidly because we might now see farming as a hard work which calls for automatization. There are some specially trained people that operate all the machinery which maximizes efficiency and produces even more fruits and vegetables. If this sounds scaring to you, the fact that only a few individuals will be managing our food, you are already too late to be unsatisfied with the things going on

Printers and Publishers.

If the newspapers and some journals are dead, there is the only place for technological media. Well, admit this truth. Traditional media is suffering as the internet is full of e-books, e-journals and all the things published in the Web. You cannot argue that you do not get your news from the Internet, via Twitter, Facebook, Buzzfeed or livestreams – the bright examples of high technology

The surveys say that is totally true. Most paper magazines are on the edge of collapse, despite their progress into digital environment to become compatible. Information is freely distributed, and there are very few publishers where the trust in the brand is enough to keep the motors going. An example is The New York Times

Fast Food cooks.

That is one more work field where automation gets in. Fast food jobs are one of the easiest jobs to get automated because of lack of responsibilities. The machine that will replace the job will be your vending machine instead of cashier and will bring you food easily


It is quite similar to the previous job. The days of the cashier are numbered because of their only function that could have been replaced some decades ago. Some self-checkout kiosks will replace people that are going to be out of a labour market sooner than they think. Be prepared to get to any market, get what you need and walk out quickly with a certain sum of money is automatically deducted from your credit card (there will be no cash in the future)

What About Other Jobs?

DriversThose 5 disappearing jobs are not the only ones. There are a lot of others jobs of the future who will be transformed, shortened and will disappear in the next 25 years or replaced by technology. The situation with the future employment may be frightening if you have dreamt of having one of the professions listed. Well, do not worry. If you are aware of the situation, you still have a chance to change your interests.

Among disappearing jobs, there are some that do not require a degree and serve one or two functions easy to automate. For example, riding a car will be super easy: you have to press a button, and the vehicle takes you to wherever you want to go. Drivers, cashiers and many others will be rejected. Therefore, plan your career accordingly.