Christmas is approaching quickly so it is time to consider what gifts you can get your kids that they will love. With many kids toys rapidly going in and out of fashion it is understandable that you want to choose an item that will stand the test of time and be long lasting. This is where the karaoke machine becomes a top choice for every kid. It is perfect for both boys and girls of all ages and is great for sharing with siblings and friends. All kids love to sing, so a karaoke machine is the perfect way to allow them to perform and express themselves. Singing is great for all kids development so is a fun and natural way to enhance their learning and boost their self-confidence.

What should you look for in a kids karaoke machine?

There are many different karaoke machines available for you to choose from but how do you know what will make a good gift? When looking at the features each karaoke machine offers you should look for one that includes;

  • A machine that is easy to set up
  • Easy for kids to use
  • Durable so will last for a long time
  • Lightweight for kids to carry
  • All accessories included so is ready to be played

A Great karaoke machine for toddlers 

Toddlers love to sing so a karaoke machine would make the perfect Christmas gift. The Penguin Karaoke Buddy by KiddoLab makes an ideal first karaoke machine as it is suitable for kids over 18 months old and is easy and simple to use. With a built in microphone, toddlers can enjoy the music player, lights and sound effects while singing to their favorite rhymes. The highlight of this karaoke machine is its compact size making it easy for kids to take out and about.

A Neat karaoke machine for older kids

When choosing a karaoke machine for older kids you will be looking for one that has appealing features and offers a high quality performance. The Singing Machine SML385UW Karaoke Machine meets this criteria so will make a perfect Christmas gift for an older kid. With CD player, Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port there are multiple ways to play music and for added fun the karaoke machine can be connected to your TV, so lyrics can be shown. There is one microphone included but with an additional microphone port there is the option to add another so duets can be performed. For a true disco performance there are 54 brightly colored LED lights giving this compact karaoke machine many different highlights.

The best portable karaoke machine

Karaoke machines that are portable are great for taking out and about and the Singing Machine ISM398BT Karaoke System will allow kids to do just that. This Singing Machine has some impressive features with Bluetooth connectivity and powerful speakers, allowing a great quality singing performance. There is a microphone included so kids can start singing straight away but there is also an additional microphone port allowing a second microphone to be added, so is perfect for duets. The impressive sound quality of this karaoke machine makes it great for playing music and is the highlight of this Singing Machine.

A top all round Karaoke Pick!

For a karaoke machine that will stand the test of time the VTech Kiddie Super Star Karaoke System is a great choice. It comes with a microphone and adjustable stand so has everything needed to get started. There are also many great features included so it will aspire to every young kids singing dream. With MP3 connectivity this karaoke system can connect to a mobile phone for more song options. The highlight of this machine is the music magic mode that allows kids to remove the vocals from songs for a true singing experience.

Karaoke Gifts

I think buying  gifts for toddlers is important and why not pick something that can get all the children this Christmas together singing and playing together.

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