Today’s marketers are facing challenges never before seen as the competition for market share becomes increasingly aggressive. That means it’s never been more important to take advantage of the best tools available when designing and implementing sales strategies.

One of the best tools for marketing in a highly competitive environment is automation software. Today’s email marketing automation tools are designed to garner new leads and move those leads through the sales process. In addition, modern automation tools allow companies to analyze results from all stages of marketing campaigns to better understand how the current strategies are working. There are five tools every company should embrace to achieve greater success.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing Tools

Rather than simply ending a relationship with an initial sale, modern marketing automation tools recognize the fact that customers not only buy products or services today, they will also be prospects for future sales. In addition, satisfied consumers tend to become brand advocates, which makes them incredibly important ambassadors in even the most challenging markets. Software that takes advantage of customer lifecycle marketing is always important.

Automatic Emails Based on Consumer Behavior

Consumer behaviour profiles allow companies to better determine their needs and how to provide solutions for those needs. Email automation including notifications based on an individual’s behaviour frequently close sales or, in some cases, alert site owners to shortcomings in their offerings that could be corrected. Since a sale is always the desired outcome, it’s important to use data that makes it possible to convert future customers.

Social Media Options

With the explosion in the use of social media, companies are finding it necessary to utilize software options that deliver messages to specific social media platforms at pre-determined times. Of course, it’s also important to track the results obtained as a result of the social media messages.

Segmenting Leads

In the past, “shotgunning” messages was considered a viable strategy. That approach is no longer considered to be acceptable on several levels, which has led to the development of marketing automation tools that carefully segment target audiences to ensure each receives messages that are most likely to meet their needs.

Reporting and Quality Analytics

Even the best marketing automation software won’t deliver optimal results unless there is a built-in method to track a marketing campaign’s successes and highlight areas that need improvements. The majority of software solutions provide some level of analytics, but it’s important to obtain data that goes beyond the basics. In most cases, extra features cost more, but not always.

If you’re looking for marketing automation tools that are truly affordable, get Infusionsoft prices here to get a better idea of what a quality software solution will cost. Don’t be afraid to compare different software solutions, but look carefully at the features of each option and how they will benefit your business before making a buying decision.

Don’t Wait for the Competition

Rather than waiting until competitors gain the lead in your market segment, take the time now to review the marketing automation tools currently available. By taking advantage of the latest innovations, it’s far easier to increase a company’s sales figures even in a highly competitive segment. If you’ve got questions about marketing automation software tools, contact the provider and get the answers you need.