For many people, seeking medical attention outside their own country is the best, and sometimes the only, choice they have. Perhaps it’s because they seek specialists that simply don’t exist in their own country. Or, maybe it’s because the operation they need is much more affordable abroad. Also known as medical tourism, this type of traveling has been rising in popularity in the last decade or two. Thanks to the internet, advances in the third world, and the interconnection that can be seen between all countries everywhere (to a greater or lesser degree) medical tourism is viable everywhere. And one of the areas of the world that is rarely mentioned – but has great potential – is Africa.

With a rise in education, advances in medical facilities, and the general advancement of the continent, Africa is slowly becoming an excellent destination for both regular and medical kind of tourism. With that in mind, here are five destinations you should consider if you seek quality and affordable medical treatment.


Morocco is not just a beautiful destination for tourists, but also a location that provides excellent plastic surgery and physical therapy. If you had some sort of injury and want to fix it up as soon as possible, or if you want to build up some extra strength and stamina, visiting Morocco would not be a mistake. For those who are interested in plastic surgery, liposuction is a very popular and common procedure, as is rhinoplasty. On the other hand, kidney patients can also expect good treatment, since Morocco houses many high-quality dialysis centers. In other words, if you ever wanted to visit this country, but you happen to have some kidney problems, you would have one less thing to worry about.


South Africa

South Africa prides itself on a variety of medical facilities and professionals found within its borders. You can find anything from affordable dentists and fertility treatment procedures to breast augmentation surgeries. An added benefit is that you would be at a beautiful destination where you can relax while waiting on, or recovering from, your operation. In South Africa, you can expect high-quality procedures at a low cost, in high-level facilities. Your time can then be spent on visiting the Kruger Park ruins, or – if you prefer something a bit more contemporary – on checking out Cape Town’s clubs and restaurants.


You’d be wrong to think that all Egypt has to offer is its rich history (no matter how interesting and important it is). Namely, you can find high-quality dialysis centers in Egypt, as well as simple hair transplant surgeries. The country is still working on its advertising efforts, so you may not find that much information online. However, the fact remains that Egypt is one of the best medical tourism locations today. Now, Egypt having a good dialysis center means that you can visit this beautiful country even if you have kidney issues. One of the oldest civilizations in the world has much to offer, and you can enjoy it all without worrying about your health too much.


Kenya has two things to offer when it comes to medical tourism. First of all, this place is one of the destinations you want to visit for plastic surgery. Anything from a simple rhinoplasty to more complex procedures can be found here. However, you can also find many wellness centers that provide both education and treatments that could help you become healthier and stronger than ever before. 


In Tunisia, you can find excellent cardiology services, experts that have had fantastic training, as well as guidance. Furthermore, urology and gynecology experts can also be found here, all at a very affordable price. Breast augmentation is fairly popular and affordable too – as is liposuction. Of course, making the most of your trip to Tunisia should also be high on your list once you’re done with your medical treatment. The best time to go and get your procedures done is in April and May, due to the pleasant spring weather and the fact that it isn’t nearly as crowded as it is during the summer.

Whether you want to visit rugged Tunisia or historic Egypt, you can’t go wrong in terms of both the touristic and medical aspects. You’d be well taken care of, and you’d get to see some amazing sights that would make your trip that much more memorable.


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