Now that spring is right around the corner, it’s time to equip your car with the top accessories for spring and summer. This season can have you navigating wild thunderstorms, heavy rain, extreme heat and other potential weather hazards. Here are the top five must-have car accessories for this time of year.

1. Windshield Shade

The first thing you’ll need is a custom windshield shade. Parking your car in the hot spring or summer temperatures means the mercury will rise even more inside of your vehicle. A windshield shade helps cool down your interior and gives you some relief.

2. Front-End Bra

Car bras are also a great idea for spring. A front-end bra can help keep bugs and debris from messing up the paint job and exterior look of the edge of your car. This way, your next road trip won’t ruin your car’s style.

3. High-Quality Windshield Wipers

Spring showers and summer thunderstorms can make driving hazardous. Prepare ahead of time for the wild weather by replacing your windshield wipers with a high-quality brand. You’ll have a safer drive during the worst of the weather and increased visibility.

4. Dashboard Cover

Another item that can help keep the inside of your car cool when the temperatures rise to the extremes is a dashboard cover. This type of cover drapes across the top half of your car’s interior and protects it from the hottest temperatures. If you pair your dashboard cover with a custom windshield shade, your car’s interior will feel a lot more comfortable, no matter how hot it gets outside.

5. Cargo Box

The last accessory you’ll need for spring is a cargo box. When it’s time to go on a family vacation or a quick weekend away, a cargo box can help extend your car’s storage space for luggage and gear.

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No doubt spring and summers are seasons when you should take care of your cars so as it protect it from harsh weathers. There are so many people who love their cars and they are just mad about them. Thus, protection and safety of your car is much important and it should be given good importance in order to keep it in good condition. If you are going for some good and effective car accessories then you can surely protect your car from harsh weather conditions and enjoy your every ride and be a proud owner.

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