Have you ever felt that you have no time to admire beauty of nature? You ever feel that you are only stuck to you job. Ever felt that you have no time for you? Ever noticed that you are living like a robot? House to office and then work to home, no life other than this? And if you are a student then you have your school work there is nothing else.

Yes! Most of the people said yes. It is the truth we don’t have much time for ourselves. We are stuck in or busy routines that are getting us away from our nature and this world.

We don’t have enough time to relax ourselves in order to fresh our minds. The best way to relax your self is to playing games. But we don’t have enough time to go out and play so this option is not worthy.

It means we will be robots forever? No not at all now you can play games in your home with something you are having in your pocket. Yes! You got me. Your mobile phone, this is a small device with numerous wonders in it.

Now no need to go out and buy playing kits, no need to gather other people just install a game and refresh yourself. In start there were a lot of games that you can download from play store but you needed to connect your phones with an internet connection in order to play. But now this problem is solved. There are a lot of free games without wifi that you can play with no internet connection. It’s not only about games but there are many other mind refreshing apps that give a new turn to your life.

There are a lot of other reasons that are boosting up these mobile apps, everyone out there enjoying these apps.

Here are top 5 reasons for rise in such mobile apps:

  • These apps are easily approachable. You have a smart phone? Yes! Bingo. Now you can download any kind of entertaining app that you find good for you. Play whenever you want wherever you want.
  • Wearable technology is a new trend that giving a new way to success of these mobile apps. Wearable devices are far better than using an actual phone. These new advancements are game changers.
  • Notification and alert system of such apps giving a rise to the popularity. Whenever you are ready to achieve a next level or in a healthy app it will alarm you for everything you are eating or doing unhealthy. This is something trendy and cool at same time.
  • Social media apps are spreading like a fever everywhere. They are connecting people from everywhere now you can make a chain of friends using these apps even with your favorite celebrities. Protesting against something through it can be made viral through them.
  • High security is the basic reason behind the success and popularity of a mobile app.
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