The market has gone digital in a minimal span of time. Some of the most famous and renounced brands are now closing their physical stores to go 100% digital.

In this rapidly changing scenario, you must know how the website development game works and how it can boost your business.

Although to get best website development service, hiring a professional is always recommended. However, you can learn a lot from this article too.

Plan It All

Planning is a big step towards finding the right balance between too much and too less. This is all about tracking customer behaviour.

Plan It AllMap the whole metamorphosis of a frequent visitor becoming a customer.

See on which page the visitor spend the most time at and which was the last page that turned the visitor into a customer or kind of offer does this person like?

This entire silent note making will help you improve your website’s navigation. No one wants to spend more than 15 minutes, if the customer is getting what one wants, chances of the sale rise drastically.

The ease of access will also lure more and more customers to your site.

Keep Your Homepage Clean As a Whistle

Recall the last time you read a whole webpage and every sentence of it; you couldn’t because no one reads the entire page.

Keep Your Homepage Clean As a WhistleIt is human behaviour when we open a webpage we screen through it, we quickly read the lines, read the keywords and decide what a site is selling.

If a site has excellent but unmanaged content splashed all over its homepage, then good chances are a person will get irritated soon and leave the website.

Attractive icons and detailed images are also a great way of communicating with the clients.

Link Your Logo to The Homepage

It is a common practice among the web marketing companies at the moment. Linking your homepage with logo will help your customers to navigate through your website more easily.

Link Your Logo to The HomepagePinning a vertical menu which will take your customer to various sections of your site becomes essential when you have a longer homepage. A back to the top and on the bottom comes to mind while talking about this.

Easier navigation will help your potential customers to flow free into your website and get what they want very quickly.

Also, you need to keep an eye on your footer. If your site is secure and managed to bring the customer all the way down to the footer, it becomes an obligation to you to keep vital links here.

FAQs, privacy policy, blog, terms of use and some other vital links must be pinned here.

Be Smart Along the Phones

Phones are smarter than ever at the moment and so must be you and your website.

People are using the phone more than PCs and laptops for shopping and other internet related stuff at the moment, so your website must also be mobile friendly.

Be Smart Along the PhonesThe only problem here is that there is a number of mobile operating systems and for every one of them you have to develop a different version of your site.

Again, keep everything in check; you need to keep on checking the mobile version of your site to see if everything is working fine or not.

Wear Those Badges Right

Appreciation badges and certificates from various extremely famous sites are also a great way of making your customer feel safe at your site.

It is a new popular trend that is helping a lot of people over the internet to deflect traffic to their websites.

The sole purpose of these badges is to make calm the customers and making them believe that they can count on your for nothing but the best service.

Read here which badges are best for your business.

Share Buttons

There must always be a social media share button on your website; there’s no running from this.

If you believe that your website has some information that can help more than one person, adding a share button becomes an obligation.

Adding social media share button will also bring a lot of social media traffic, which is always welcomed.

Share ButtonsAlso, these buttons are a natural way of bringing traffic because you are not forcing or nagging your visitor to use it, if your content is right, they will use it by their self.

Ending Note

So, these are the top six tips for improving your web design. Following these will surely keep your website up to date and maintain the traffic flow at the high end.

There are many other tips on this topic, a zillion of them will be the exact count, but these six are the most important and shouldn’t be ignored at any cost.

Running a website is a tiring job and must be left to the professionals of the field for better and lasting results.