Time can really, really get away from you when you are a student. One minute you’re being assigned a task that seems simple enough, and wondering when to do it. And then the next minute it’s due in 3 hours. You rush around knowing that you can’t buy essay papers (at least you think you know!), and scramble together some ideas and slap them onto the paper. You may have got the work in on time, but you need to focus if you are ever going to get that degree. In the spirit of time-keeping, here are 5 time management tips for students!

Use online resources

Now don’t tell anyone I told you, but there are websites through which you can receive writing tips, advice and even have your essay written for you! As time saving tips go, this is a real golden one! One of such websites is called papersowl.com all the website requires of you is your name, the topic of your essay, and how many pages it needs to be. They then assign you an expert writer as a helper, who gets to work on your essay straight away. If this doesn’t save you time, I don’t know what will!

Plan your day!

When you’re a student, a lot of the time the days can really get away from you! And when you reach the evening, you can sometimes feel bad as you feel you haven’t accomplished anything. The best way to combat this, is to plan your day! If you plan out what you are going to do in the day, then you will know if you’ve accomplished a lot. If you get it all done, take a break in the evening, if you didn’t get it all done, you’ll have to do more the next day!

Plan your essays

By now you may have realised that planning goes a long way when you are a student! Essays are big, big deals whether they be 750 words or 10,000 words. And once you muster the courage to put pen on paper, you need to have a clear idea of what you are trying to say in your head. If you plan your essay pre-writing stage, then you will work out the intricacies of your essay before you even start writing it!

Get a watch

Yes, another very simple one, but really when it gets right down to it, time management is about keeping time, and the best way to do that is to get a watch! You don’t want to fumbling in your pocket for your phone to then realise you are late to class, or late to finish an assignment! A watch can provide a quick and accurate time reading!

5. Separate work and play

Give yourself an official time for working, it may be from 9 – 5. That way when it hits 5 o’clock, you know that you’ve finished and you can go and relax and see your friends. But if you don’t set a specific time, you might end up spending 10 minutes studying every day, whereas if you plan you know you are spending 8 hours or however many hours working.

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