Studies have shown that overweight people are at a higher risk of suffering from illnesses such as diabetes and developing heart conditions as compared to others. However, losing weight is a challenge for most people. It’s no surprise then to note the number of diets and exercise plans being promoted by celebrities and influencers. However, some of these diets can do more harm than good. There are two aspects to losing weight; losing fat and losing muscle. The latter can be very harmful to your overall health. So, if you want to drop a few kilos permanently and get fitter, here are a few tips that could help you.

Don’t Crash Diet; Eat Healthily

Food not only satiates hunger but also nourishes your body. Thus, if you start replacing your meals with only water and juices, you may not feel hungry anymore and may lose a lot of weight but your immunity will also drop. One factor common amongst all crash diets is that the moment you stop the diet, your weight will increase once again. Since you cannot be on such diets for too long, it defeats the purpose of getting fit. Hence, look for a diet that ensures that your body gets the right nutrition but limits the amount of fat being consumed. The HCG diet plan is one such diet.

Cut Out the Soda

Everyone knows that soda is full of sugar and bad for you. But, did you know that diet soda also harms your body? Any drink that is described a diet soda makes you crave for something sweet and ultimately encourages you to snack on something. Thus, instead of losing weight, this could make you put on a few kilos. An easy trick that could help you quit soda is to stock your fridge with fresh juices and iced teas. Don’t buy these in a store but make them at home so that you can control the amount of sugar being used. You could also infuse carbonated water with herbs or a slice of lemon to make yourself a refreshing drink.

Be More Active

A diet must always be accompanied by an exercise plan. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy a gym membership. If you like gyms, great; otherwise, you can exercise outdoors. Go for a long, brisk walk or get yourself a bicycle. Sports like tennis, basketball or badminton are also great ways to keep you active. Whatever you do, you must enjoy it. One of the key differences between people who stay lean and those who find it almost impossible to lose weight is that the former find ways to make their exercising fun. If you enjoy what you do, you will be more likely to keep up the habit.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water has zero calories and gives your body no nourishment but is still essential for good health. Without water, your body will not be able to absorb the nutrients in the rest of your food. Water also helps your body get rid of toxins in the form of sweat and urine. Without water, your digestive system can also get clogged and not function as efficiently as it should. When it comes to weight loss, water can satiate hunger to a great level. So, if you’re craving a snack between meals, try drinking a glass of water. You should ideally drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. However, do not replace your meals with water.

Compliment Yourself

Sticking to a diet plan when everyone around you is eating other things can be difficult. Don’t wait for other people to appreciate your efforts. Instead, give yourself a compliment every time you make a healthy choice. Treat yourself to something you like when you reach a goal. A positive attitude can make weight loss easier and faster. If you do cheat on your diet, don’t beat yourself up about it. Quieten the critic inside you and tell yourself that you’ll get back on track after this.


You will probably not lose weight at a uniform pace. After the first month, you may notice your clothes getting looser and increased energy levels. However, after the second month, the changes may be less noticeable. This does not mean your plan isn’t working. Dietitians often refer to the initial weight lost as water weight. This is easier to lose as compared to burning fat deposits and converting them to muscle. However, the latter part is more important. Hence, don’t get frustrated with the changing pace of your weight loss but maintain your diets and activity schedule. What you may need to do is increase the amount of exercise you get in a day.

Be Accountable To Yourself

Unless you’re a child you do not need someone else to constantly tell you what to do and not do. Without being too critical of yourself, be accountable for what you do. Maintaining a food diary can be very helpful. This keeps track of your meals, snacks and the number of calories being consumed. You can do this with a pen and paper or on your phone. If you can’t write down everything you eat, take a photograph and maintain a photo log. Along with this, you may also want to consider investing in an activity tracker. Sometimes you may feel like you’ve walked a very long way but in reality, you haven’t burnt as many calories as you should have. An activity tracker can help you with this.

Surround Yourself with Healthy People

They say birds of a feather flock together. Surround yourself with persons on the same path as you, you will find it easier to lose weight. Think about it – when are you more likely to eat a salad for lunch – if the person in front of you is also eating a salad or if they order themselves a burger and fries? Exercising also becomes more enjoyable when you have company. This is one of the reasons gyms are popular.

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