Top Trends in Digital Advertising for 2018

Top Trends in Digital Advertising

With the rise of the online world, TV commercials and traditional ways of advertising are slowly becoming obsolete. Almost everyone is interacting with their smartphones, tablets or laptops.  So the question now for every advertiser is, “How do I get my ads to the right people?” If you’re targeting the millennial generation, then consider trying out digital advertising. Digital advertising otherwise known as Internet Advertising; is when businesses use Internet technologies to deliver promotional content to consumers. It’s also the hottest way to advertise. Check out the list below to learn the different digital advertising trends for 2018!

5Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating compelling and inspiring content that can turn potential consumers into buyers. Typical examples include educating clients through blog posts, showing them DIY tutorials, giving them interesting beauty tips and so much more! Just be creative. The trick is to create the kind of content that consumers want.

4Digital Video Advertising

Videos are an incredibly effective way to share stories to people from around the world. It is also the future of advertising. This 2015 CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook videos get 8 billion views daily—which is insane! That’s double than Facebook’s average view count last April 2016 and eight times more than their amount of daily views last September 2017. For 2018, video advertising budgets are expected to increase to match this growing trend.

3Social media analytics

Social media analytics is the process of collecting statistical data on a company’s online presence in blogs and social media sites. The gathered data is used to analyze the impact of a company’s ads on online media. Typical social media analytics tools can keep track of a social media user’s hashtags, posts, location, total tweets, follower count, frequency of posts, social authority, number of tweets, activity, follower count and social authority. In short, social media analytics makes stalking a whole lot easier! Free analytics tools include Quintly, Keyhole, Google Analytics, Buffer and Followerwonk.


Microtargeting is a digital advertising strategy that involves collecting users’ demographic data and consumer data to determine their interests on certain issues, and to influence their opinions and actions. For example, if you want to reach teens who want to find an online job, you’ll send your ad to teenagers. One unique type of microtargeting is geo-fencing, which delivers mobile ads to people whenever they are within a certain range or site.

1Native Advertising

Native advertisements include blog posts, videos or infographics whose main objectives are to amuse, entertain and motivate people without openly promoting the brand. They are usually tagged with the words “paid post” or “sponsored content.” For example, a traditional ad from a make-up retailer will typically include a make-up sale, but a native advertisement from the same retailer might discuss make-up looks.