Food is the vital condition of our survival and the first condition of basic needs. Foods keep our lives efficient and without food we can’t live a more than a couple of days. Therefore, the importance of food is immense to survive, but pure food, not contaminated food. Sound good?

We often buy too much food more than we needed due to cheap price. Most of the time we can’t consume all and throw it. It is such a waste of food as same waste of money. So to reduce the waste of food and increase our monthly savings the need of prevention of food waste and its importance can not be explainable in few lines.

Anyway, We must always take care of two common but important things to prevent food waste, such, buy food depend on demand ratio and makes sure after feeding the remaining food is properly stored.

Although we are not very aware of this fact, nowadays storing food in proper way is not a difficult task. Usually we store the food in the fridge. But most of the times, because of the freezer burn our preferred food was lost, which is not eatable and we throw it to drain.

In the meantime, before we put the food in the fridge, if we vacuum and seal the food using a vacuum sealer machine there will be no fungus in food and will go out from the trouble of freezer burn. Which will be stay fresh and tasty minimum 5 times longer than the general preservation.

For the sake of your convenience, below I briefly discussed the top five models of vacuum sealing machine. Hope it helps you.


khabar packaging er kotha asle, prothomei ase foodsaver vacuum sealer er kotha. Foodsaver goto koyek bochor dhorei product quality abong shasroi mullomaner jonno jonopriotar shirse obosthan korche. Foodsaver choto family and brihottor/extended family’r kotha mathay rekhe 2 dhoroner model chereche. Normal foodsaver model like V2244 and 2 in-1 foodsaver model like foodsaver 5480. You may explore the best foodsaver model at a glance.


Vacmaster is another vacuum sealer manufacturer, but the manufacturer focused to produce chamber vacuum sealer which is mostly used for extended family, restaurants and for industrial use. The chamber vacuum sealer is bit expensive than normal food vacuum sealer but it’s worth the money you invest on it. Because using a normal vacuum sealer you can seal few number of food bag, on the other hand using a chamber vacuum sealer you can vacuum and seal food in maximum number on average 50-100 at once.

Weston Pro:

Another popular food vacuum sealer model is Weston pro, this manufacturer builds both of kind of vacuum sealer for home use even for industrial use. In the case of popularity with the Foodsaver and Vacmaster, Weston Pro also also equally moderate. Some of the most popular Weston Pro vacuum sealer model is Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Grade(65-0201) and Weston 65-0501-W Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer and so on.

Seal a Meal:

This vacuum sealer brand most focused on small family’s need. Their most of the vacuum sealer are small enough and gathered popularity as a space saver kitchen appliance. And to buying this company’s vacuum sealing machine, you don’t have to push deeper in your pocket. They produce budget friendly and well constructed vacuum sealer which is durable enough to works good more than a year without any hustle. Among the popular models of Seal-a-meal’s are Seal-a-Meal VS108-P and Seal-a-Meal Manual Vacuum Sealer FSSMSL0160-000 which is the top rated sealer on their brand.


NutriChef is one of the most popular kitchen appliance manufacturer at online. They are produce various kind of kitchen products like food Food Dehydrator, food container, food vacuum sealer and so on.

If you review their vacuum sealer product, you can easily understand they mainly focused to build small and affordable vacuum sealer durable as for stay longer than any cheap vacuum sealer. If you having some budget issue but still you’re looking for sealing machine for your family, they you may check out their tor rated model like Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing System For Food Preservation (PKVS18SL).

At last I can say to reduce food waste, vacuum sealer plays a significant role and it helps us to avoid contaminated food and consume fresh one. Also it helps us to save extra money by reduce food waste and buying food in bulk. Hope my article helps and aware yourself to reduce food wastage.