Top Ways To Cater To Your Aging Parents

Top Ways To Cater To Your Aging Parents

Do you realize that you are going to be in the same position that your parents are in now? You will also age one day and somehow or the other, be dependent on your children to lift you up when you are at your lowest. Be it emotionally, mentally or physically; one day our parents won’t be able to drive, climb stairs, carry out their everyday chores or even fetch a glass of water for themselves. However during your infancy years your parents loved and cared for you unconditionally and now, may be the time to repay them; not with something monetary or materialistic but by showering your boundless care and concern in every possible way. Here are some tips worth considering:

1Family meetings

Aging is an inevitable part of life. And with age comes the unavoidable changes that all of us go through. Why not talk about it? A wise first step before you are encountered with a predicament is to officially discuss it in the presence of all your family members. This way you will get the valuable input of all the people who are concerned and help you reach a unanimous decision in the best interests of your parents. After all your parents’ wishes is what matters the most. Remember to keep all viewpoints in mind-convenience, emotional well-being, financial resources etc. According to a study by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave, 75% of adults haven’t taken the initiative to openly discuss their aging parents’ needs or considered contingency planning. This may involve evaluating living arrangements after retirement or the need for senior home care, inheritance issues and funeral wishes.

2Keep your parents involved

Even though you may have grown up to become a mature adult, you will always be a child for your parents. Parents need to keep feeling that they are an important part of their child’s life and are not an unnecessary burden on them. Incorporating quality time with your parents in your daily life and making them feel good about themselves is a feeling only you can bless them with.

3Key consideration-the level of care needed

Looking after your aging parents’ calls for unexpected challenges. Their needs evolve with time and you need to categorically address them by assessing the level of care needed. Future needs should be kept in mind along with the present needs by consulting a knowledgeable social worker or geriatric care manager to assist you. With time you may need to undergo certain lifestyle amendments and include nutritious foods-foods which are most likely to strengthen the digestive system and ward of diseases.Remember, a good metabolism in indicative of a healthy individual.

4Respect their short-comings-be it memory failure or frequent visits to the hospital

Just because your parents have become old doesn’t mean that you stop giving them the respect and dignity they deserve. Meaningful emotional contact is crucial for the emotional needs of an aging parent. They might be unreasonable at times, but you’ve got to learn to handle them with patience just as they exercised exceptional perseverance when you were a child. Often memory will fail them and this is the time when you have to avoid becoming agitated or hurting the sentiments of your near and dear parents. You owe them your everything, trust me.

5Prevention is better than cure

Take considerable notice of their complaints regarding minor health issues to major health deteriorations. You never know that regular medical checkups may save you a lot of trouble and financial resources in the future. Having the assurance that your parent is being looked after will help you cope with stress. Stay in contact with your family physician and find out ways to help you and your parents stay proactive throughout the journey. Furthermore, what is more important is the fact that your parents are at peace and content at heart, knowing that they are being cared for.