To add extra functionality and a little bit of sophistication to your WordPress website or blog, you require WordPress plugins. Although the particular website that you create will require you to have certain WordPress plugins, there are important plugins that cut across the board. They are essential for any website or blog, and you can’t afford to ignore them. Below are some of the top WordPress plugins you will require when building your website or blog.

1WP Super Cache

This WordPress plugin is important as it improves your website’s performance. The WP Super Cache stores your data in the cache temporarily so that your website or blog can load faster when a user opens the same page again. Apart from optimizing your site overall performance, the reduced loading time helps your website to rank well on search engines.


Akismet is a default plugin that comes with every WordPress installation. Its purpose is to filter out spam from all comments that appear on your blog. As an anti-spam plugin, it gives you a historical status of each comment enabling you to figure out which comments are spam.

3Google Analytics

Website publishers and bloggers know that it is important to track how and when users visit your site to make improvements. Google analytics enable you to gather this data as it brings the information to your dashboard. With this plugin, you can track page views, user visits and get to know your valuable referrers.

4Google XML Sitemaps

Want search engine to pick on anything new when you update your website or blog? The Google XML Sitemaps is the plugin you need. It aids Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines to index your site better using XML sitemap. It automatically notifies all search engines whenever you publish new content.

5Yoast SEO

There is no need to stress the importance of SEO to your website as you are already aware when reading this. Yoast SEO plugin helps you to create better SEO friendly content that will increase traffic to your site. By doing so, your site gets good ranking in search results. You can also use Yoast SEO to create catchy Meta descriptions and headlines that can improve your site’s click through rate.

6Contact Form 7

With contact form 7, you can simply create forms and add them to your WordPress website. Customize your forms, add fields and edit them as you feel to suit your site.  In addition, this WordPress plugin comes with CAPTCHA, AJAX powered submitting and Akismet to filter spam.

7Floating Social Bar

People spend most of their time on social media while browsing. That has made it a must for website publishers and bloggers to share content on social media platforms. Floating social bar empowers your visitors to share your content on social media as it lets you display buttons that enable them to share on their Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus accounts and other social platforms. The buttons float making them visible and easier for users to click on them.

8All in One WP Security & Firewall

WordPress is popular when it comes to creating websites and so it prone to hacking. Therefore, security of your site is vital, and that’s where you need All in One WP Security and Firewall. This security plugin will set up a good defence for your site and protect it from hackers. It runs security checks and lets you know if there are any vulnerabilities. If so, you can correct them with a single click.

9Edit Flow

Edit Flow offers your site an efficient editorial workflow management system. It enables you to work on your editorial calendar, assign content, manage authors and much more. Use Edit flow to create your custom post status and organize your content from your WordPress dashboard.


LinkPartol helps you to clean up all outgoing links on your WordPress website, you can add nofollow to the link or strip the anchor text, it’s a must have plugin if you have hundreds of gust post with many link, and you want to remove all spam links or low quality authorities website to keep your site healthy.


WP-Optimize provide an optimization and cleanup for your database with easy clicks, you can clean all database tables, post revisions and comments , with more advanced features like expired transient or-orphaned relation , make sure to use full back before using these features

12Backup Guard

Lastly, as with any other data, you always need to have back up. Backup Guard will back up the entire data on your website or blog in a way that suits you. Backing up data saves you a lot of grief in case rainy days come. And to top it all off, this plugin allows you to migrate your website content to another website or domain.

More Top WordPress plugins you might like:

Disqus Comment System: easy to use comment system that replace WordPress comment system , its secure with great admin features

Easy Social Share Buttons: one of the best easy to use Socail share pluing with many options and designs to choose from

WP Smush: to improve website load and image compression size WP Smuch is a must have plugin.

Sесurіtу Nіnjа PRO: To add more security layer to your WordPress site

What’s your favorite WordPress you like to share with us , add in your comment

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