Confused about what to add in your looks this year? Do you like to do experiment with yourself often? If yes, then you should try a new hair colour. For sure, it changes the entire looks and makes you more glamorous. Adding a haircut with a hair colour is not a bad idea at all, after all ‘new look’ is something women wants to acquire all the time.

If you are in mood of transformation of your looks and can’t decide what to try, you should try any of the following hair colours. For buying the amazing shades on Best Black Friday Deals visit and grab the most amazing discounts on hair dyes and other hair products.

 Keep in mind, not every colour compliments your body and skin type so don’t try anything that makes you look odd. Let’s find out what’s best for you.

Bold roots:

Bold roots is a new trend these days. Whether, you are a blond or a brunette, giving your roots a touch of opposite colour and leaving rest of your hair in its natural form is an amazing idea. It is especially recommended for those girls who want to add something bold in hair but can’t risk to bleach their entire hair. It will add a new look and a tint of boldness too.

Temporary colour:

Temporary colours can never be out of trend. Whether, it is an era of 90’s or the present days, it is most wanted way of changing the hair look!. Those, who don’t want to change their colour for permanent can use temporary colours in the form of sprays, chalks etc. Now you don’t need to bleach the hair for the funky colours. Just try temporary colours like purples, pinks, blues , green etc. for your desired event and wash it off later. To look more better, you can also choose contacts matching your hair color.

Balayage and baby lights:

This is a time taking process and needs professional hands for the wonderful results. Basically, this technique is a blend of baby lights and highlights. The tips of the hair are coloured with the darker tones which goes down in lighter tones. It a beautiful blend of dark and light colours. The trendy colours combinations are mohagni base with sand brown highlights, dark brown base with honey brown or ash brown highlights, black with burgundy highlights etc. Its all your choice that you can mix and match the combinations according to your choice.

Red , burgundy and mohagni:

It is a “show stopper” colour these days. It goes so smooth with all kind of skin tones and gives a luscious look to the hair. The colour of whine and cherries in hair gives an amazing hue. Whether you have glossy, shiny straight hair, wavy or curls, these colours fits in your hair very well regardless of texture and tone of the skin.

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Mocha latte hair:

It is another combination of hair that has no match. It also goes well with all hair type and skin type. It is a beautiful warm colour which adds so much richness and shine to the hair. Its not only the trend of 2020, but it has been in fashion in every era. Beautiful mocha latte shades mixed with honey and chestnut shades is amazing thing to try.

So, if you really want to try the new looks, don’t waste your time at all. Book the appointment at your favourite saloon to make yourself more charming and more appealing.

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