The trucking industry is expected to change in 2019. The transformations will be noted in many aspects. Truckers should buckle up to experience incredible turns. They should expect both negative and positive outcomes. After all, they are predictions and not certainties. This means that things could go well or sideways. The following are the major trucking trends to look out for this year.

Electric Trucks

It is the highlight of the trucking trends. Electric trucks will spike up which is great for transport. It will bring out faster delivery of products. Also, the truck driver can have more shifts; the models: Peterbilt and Volvo, which are known in the industry. The incoming models will be Tesla. It will have to compete with the renowned trucks. Thus, it has to be exemplary in its performance.

Slow Economy

The economy projection does not look well in 2019. It will decline slowly due to a number of effects. Politics has had a negative impact on economic growth. Similarly, the trade issues in the country have a consequence of trucking. Despite that, the manufacturing companies are steady. Therefore, there is still hope. If road reforms pass through Congress, then the economy will stabilize.

Increase in Truckers

Many companies have a shortage of truck drivers. This shows that they are in high demand. This will be an ideal time to get your commercial driver’s license. You will get a job if you are qualified. To top it up, the payment will be awesome. The working environment will also improve. This will lure a lot of people to join the industry. As per the age, young drivers will be on the forefront. They will flood the job market to earn a living. If you are in this age group, get a driving companies list. Then look for the exemplary ones, and submit an application.

Advanced Technology

Digitalization will also impact the trucking industry. Ultimate changes are expected to take off. The logistics market will, therefore, become more convenient. The workflow will be smooth and efficient. Tracking devices will be installed on vehicles. This will help employers monitor all the activities. Also, a communication system will be put in place. The voice-activator will help in coordinating logistics.

In addition to that wireless technology will be introduced. 5G network will modify trucking. This is due to the speed and its great performance. Employers will reap immense benefits from this.

Relief for the Owner-Drivers

Owner-drivers have something to smile about. This is because they have been allowed to operate as employers. They no longer remain employees. This also translates to a bigger paycheck. The working condition will improve drastically. They will be treated well since they own the trucks. This is such great news for them. They deserve it because they fought for their rights in court.

More Drug Tests

If you are a truck driver, you will be subjected to drug tests. This aims to improve road safety on the roads. Also, it is for your own good. The top of the list is marijuana and opioid. To enforce the law, your hair follicles will be tested. After passing the drug test, you will be allowed to operate. This calls on you to be drug-free. You will remain healthy and keep other people secure. Actually, this will benefit you more. You will get to enjoy our golden years.

ELD as part of Trucking

Last year in 2018, ELD frustrated the truck industry. Many companies had to share 5 to10% of their revenue with E-log. As the year went by, they began to comply with the rules. On that account, 2019 will not be any different. You are not of the hook with ELD. All you have to do is continue being law-abiding. This way, you will be in a safe place. If there are any changes, they will not have a significant effect on the industry.

Uncertainty in Fuel Prices

There is no clear indication of the cost of fuel. Diesel might continue with the same prices. However, for security purposes, companies should have an ideal budget. The freight costs and fuel budget should total up. Moreover, it can be a good idea to over-budget. This way, if prices fluctuate, you are covered. You will not strain financially. Again, you will not dig into another budget to cover the expenses. Additionally, using a factoring company for trucking can help out during times where cash is light.


Consequently, trucking trends are fascinating this year. They look more positive and hopeful. In areas where they are unpredictable, companies have mitigation measures. Truck drivers are highly-needed in the market. The pay will be lucrative that is a huge step. In the same way, the industry is conforming to the laws. Predictions show that 2019 will be an exceptional year.


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