Why Turn Any Photo into a Painting for Your Friend’s Housewarming Gift

A colorful, hand-painted oil portrait painting with friends smiling in each other’s company.

Housewarming parties and events are an interesting occasion to give paintings for your best friends and acquaintances. What is normally quite a strenuous event, like moving to a new home, turns suddenly into an occasion of fun and celebration of milestones in their life. For most, it’s a great time to give a friend’s portrait or friend’s canvas painting. You can show your support for their life milestone of moving into a charming new space with a custom best friend portrait through the guide that follows. 

In general, you might be thinking of getting the most impressive gift you can, and that’s why we recommend a best friend canvas painting. If you choose to commission a painting with friends from a photo, you will definitely need to think through each step in the process to create a winning painting for a friend. So, follow our guide for creating the most impressive portrait of friends. You can even create your painting for best friend simply by looking for the perfect photo from stores of pictures like social media and online albums. But, whatever you do, consider some simple steps to make your best friend canvas paintings. 

We want to emphasize this before we get started with the tutorial because giving a custom best friend portrait is a special occasion in itself, and it works best for them when it is given with intention and from the heart. That’s because one of the greater ways to tell your friend that you wish nothing but the best for them as they settle into their new home is with a spectacular piece of decor that celebrates their life, looks, and aesthetic. A realistic and stylish painting can turn this ordinary event of housewarming into something fantastic through a perspective that speaks metaphorically and powerfully. Your friend will instantly recognize its meaning and immediately understand what you intended for the gift, appreciating all the work, thought, and passion you put into this special moment. 

Remember that you may not get to see your friend every day as the new home adds new challenges and opportunities, but you can give a gift that stays with them through all the emotional moments and adds a feeling of comradely and connection to their home. Only the most thoughtfully considered and carefully planned gift will achieve this high goal. So, be completely prepared to make a good impression by using a professional painting and portrait service for your best friend’s gift. 

For example, Portraits On Demand can assist you in creating a portrait for a friend that is unique and hand-painted. We have many years of experience with helping customers impress their beloved friends through realistic paintings of many kinds. And, using our simple service, you can give your vision a physical manifestation that is sure to delight. Now let’s get started with the requirements and steps for giving this perfect housewarming gift. 

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How to Turn Any Photo into a Painting for Your Friend’s Housewarming Gift

Many people are concerned that they will struggle to be creative and come up with a stylish photo for the painting. It can be true that giving the perfect gift comes even still with a certain degree of hesitation, and this is to be expected when you are forced to make artistic decisions and choose a direction for the painting that fits your friend’s taste and sensibilities. 

Here we provide some simple tips for giving the perfect portrait painting for your friend’s housewarming gift. 

Consider your goals

There is an age-old saying that it is the thought behind the gift that really counts. And, this can be instructive to an extent because behind every great gift there is an even greater thought of love and sensitivity. Perhaps the best thing you can do as a supportive and loyal friend is consider carefully your goals for the piece, just as a true artist would. 

Before commissioning a piece of art, decide what is really motivating you to give this special gift. What are your plans for how your friend will use the gift? What do you expect or desire their reaction to be? And, as you answer these questions, keep a mental note of what you discover so you can commission the work with intention. 

Choose your photo. 

Once you have carefully set out your motivation and intention for giving the gift of a lovely portrait painting, take certain steps toward satisfying those goals and aims so that you can achieve an ideal, perfect reaction of gratitude and excitement from your recipient. You can start, of course, by looking at the pictures you have with your friend. Get an idea of how you would like to see them featured in oil paint or watercolor. 

You might also consider scanning the contents of old photos, online files, and social accounts so that you have a full spectrum of options to consider. Make a fearless search for the still image that fits perfectly into your overall vision for your gift. And, remember it should be an accessible, tasteful image that communicates the personality of the recipient for maximum impact. 

After you have selected the ideal image, you are ready to have the work commissioned according to your unique style and material conditions. Include any and all of these special instructions and criteria that you can give to the artist who will satisfy the order. Adding special notes and instructions will help your painting come out as anticipated. 

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Order the artwork. 

Ensure that you’ve chosen the best and most experienced professional painting-making company that can fulfill your desire for the perfect portrait for your friend’s housewarming party. Then, order the painting through their online process after reviewing their online portfolio. Proceed if it impressed you. Once you send them the photo, relax and await the fruitful result. 

Portraits on Demand designed these steps to give you ideas on how to give the perfect portrait to your friend’s housewarming present. Try Portraits on Demand today for a custom portrait painting for them.


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