Twitter employee sleeper after being fired: Hard work was a mistake

Twitter employee sleeper after being fired

Recently, Twitter was forced to let go of Esther Crawford, their director of product management. Last year she became famous when a picture of her sleeping at the company’s San Francisco headquarters went viral on social media.

After Crawford was fired by the management team, she took to Twitter and remarked that her optimism or efforts were deemed ‘wrong.’ Coming from one of the leading executives responsible for introducing a subscription service to acquire notarization marks, Crawford’s plight is unfurling at its worst.

In 2022, Crawford skyrocketed to stardom after penning a viral social media post in which they expressed: “Many employees are forced to spend their nights at work just so that they can meet assignment deadlines.”

Caught in a peaceful slumber, Crawford was nestled between the table and chairs of an illuminated conference room. She had donned her sleeping cap to protect her eyes from the desk lights above.

At the time, it was rumored that the employee feared for their job security and had been proactively sharing information about upcoming changes to social media.

Crawford expressed in his tweet that Musk is always looking for the right combination of adjustments to guarantee the long-term success and development of his businesses – even if some initiatives fail. After all, it’s essential to experiment with innovative approaches until you find what works best!

On a late Saturday night, some of the fired employees including Crawford received an email relaying their termination from the company. However, other workers announced that they had discovered their employment ending after being unable to access the firm’s internal system.

Established in 2006, Twitter has become one of the most powerful social media presence. Its reach is immense: boasting over 100 million active users and more than 500 million tweets sent each day!

Shortly after his $44 billion buyout in early November, US tycoon Elon Musk made the shock decision to let go nearly half of the giant company’s employees–approximately 3,700 out of 7,500. Among those laid off are Alfonzo Funes Terrell and Davis Brown who were spearheading a social media platform dubbed “Spill” as an alternative to Twitter.

On February 18, Bloomberg reported that almost all of Twitter’s employees in India were let go last year- resulting in the closure of two out of three offices. This marked a major shift for the company as it reorganizes its operations across India.

Last month, the company decided to cut costs by reducing at least 12 job titles in their Dublin and Singapore offices.

In order to explain the necessity of dismissing and laying off employees, Musk tweeted that Twitter was losing more than four million dollars every day – leaving no other choice but reducing its employee count.