Twitter has an expensive price tag associated with the gold authentication mark

Making it financially inaccessible for many

Twitter has an expensive price tag associated with the gold authentication

The Information has revealed a new revenue plan from Twitter: the company is now charging businesses $1,000 per month for the privilege of keeping their verification badge. This serves as an excellent opportunity for corporations to have increased visibility on the platform and secure brand credibility with customers.

The report issued last Friday revealed that brands who do not pay the monthly charge will lose their gold authentication mark, yet there is no timeline as to when this change may take place.

According to documents seen exclusively by The Information, Twitter will now charge an extra $50 a month for each corporate account that is verified with a tag.

The Information’s statement corresponds with a screenshot circulated by social media specialist Matt Navarra, which shows what seems to be an email between Twitter’s top product officer Evan Jones and another organization.

For being a part of the early access subscribers, you’ll receive exclusive gold authentication and affiliate tags for your organization. If interested in joining us, Verified Organizations comes with a fee of $1,000/month plus an additional $50 per each affiliate account every month – though we’re offering one free month for affiliates!

Twitter introduced Gold Verification Tags and the Business Verification Program (formerly known as Blue for Business) to enable businesses to authenticate and identify themselves. Through this service, companies can also add tags with minuscule versions of their profile pictures on accounts belonging to personnel, executives, or anyone related to the brand.

Navarra recently shared another screenshot of a conversation between an organization and Twitter’s product manager, verifying the $1,000-per-month cost. However, Twitter has not released any information on its enterprise certification program subscription fees since it launched early access last month.It is undeniable that this fee is essential to those businesses hoping to reap the rewards of their hard work by accessing additional features within the platform – such as advanced analytics tools and verification services – in order for them to reach larger audiences and attract new customers.

It is noteworthy to mention that the hefty subscription fee is just one among various changes CEO Elon Musk has taken on in an effort to boost Twitter’s revenue and tackle its staggering $ 12.5 billion debt issue.

Not only has Musk recently laid off thousands of workers, but he is now charging users fees starting at $8 per month for the blue verification mark. In addition to that, developers must soon pay an access fee in order to use Twitter’s API after their apps were banned from the platform last month.

Elon Musk promised to share potential Twitter Ads revenue with content creators; however, they must subscribe to Twitter Blue in order for this eligibility. Sadly, as a result of failing to pay rent across multiple locations – including the San Francisco head office – the company hosted an auction filled with office furniture and other assets.