“Twitter” threatens to sue “Meta” after the launch of the “Threads” application

The new platform attracted 30 million subscribers in hours

Threads vs Twitter
Twitter threatened to take legal action against the Meta company

Twitter threatened to take legal action against the Meta company, over its new text platform (Threads), the “Twitter killer”, accusing the social media giant of illegally poaching former employees to create a “fake” application, according to CNN . American in its report Thursday, July 6, 2023.

On Wednesday, Instagram’s parent company, Meta, introduced Threads, a text-based app to Instagram similar to Twitter and other text-based social platforms.

Twitter accuses Facebook of stealing trade secrets

A few hours later, Alex Spiro, Twitter’s attorney, sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, accusing the social media giant of engaging in “systematic, willful, and illegal misappropriation of trade secrets and other intellectual property of Twitter.””Twitter intends to vigorously enforce its intellectual property rights, and demands that Meta take immediate steps to stop using any Twitter trade secrets or other top-secret information,” Spiro wrote in a letter obtained exclusively by Semaphore.

He added, “Twitter reserves all rights, including, without limitation, the right to seek civil remedies, to prevent any retention, disclosure, or other use of its intellectual property by Meta.”

Spiro alleged that Meta had recruited numerous ex-Twitter staff members who “possessed and continue to possess knowledge of Twitter’s proprietary information and other confidential data.”

It is also alleged that Meta Corporation commissioned these employees to develop the Threads app with the specific intent of using Twitter’s trade secrets and other intellectual property in order to expedite the development of a competing Meta app, in violation of both state and federal law, as well as the continuing obligations of those employees. towards Twitter.

Threads app attracts 30 million subscribers

In a related context, the Threads application, launched by Meta Platforms, attracted more than 30 million subscribers in the first 18 hours of its launch, to be the first real threat to the Twitter application owned by Elon Musk, as Threads took advantage of its ability to reach billions of Instagram users and its appearance similar to its competitor Twitter.

Threads, which has been dubbed the “Twitter killer”, topped the free applications on the Apple App Store in Britain and the United States today, Thursday.The launch of the app comes after Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Mita, and Musk have been exchanging criticism for months, and even expressed their willingness to fight a real-life mixed martial arts match in Las Vegas.

“The fight is on, and Zuckerberg punches hard,” said Jasmine Enberg, senior analyst at Insider Intelligence. “In a lot of ways, that’s exactly what you would expect from Meta: exceptional execution and an easy-to-navigate user interface.”

Many competitors emerged for “Twitter” after Musk acquired it in a deal worth $ 44 billion last year, and since the purchase of the famous social networking site, Musk has taken a series of chaotic decisions that have caused users and advertisers to refrain from the platform.Musk’s latest move included limiting the number of tweets a user could read per day.

A new competitor to “Twitter”

Analysts and experts said that Twitter’s faltering gives way to a competitor with huge financial resources such as Meta, precisely because of its billions of users on the Instagram platform and its advertising power.

“The introduction of Meta for Threads is perfectly timed to challenge Twitter’s dominance,” commented Niclas Meer, a marketing professor at Chapman University. He was referring to the turmoil that ensued on Twitter when the platform imposed restrictions on the number of daily tweets users could read.

He remarked, “Threads is poised for a robust beginning, leveraging the massive user base of the Instagram platform. If its users embrace Threads, advertisers will swiftly follow suit.”

Threads enables users to post text and links, and to reply to and republish messages from others.The app has no hashtags and search keywords, which means users can’t follow live events like they can on Twitter.

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