Two women are suing Apple over a tracking device they produced.. They were stalked by their ex-partners

Two women are suing Apple over a tracking device
Tracking device (AirTag) manufactured by "Apple" / Social Media

Two women recently took legal action against Apple, claiming they were targeted and harassed with the company’s AirTag tracker. There are now concerns that this tracking device can be utilized for covert surveillance by domestic abusers as a dangerous tool of control.

Recently, a lawsuit was filed in California claiming that Apple’s AirTag tracking device did not include enough protective measures to prevent stalkers from utilizing it. The accusation is that these devices have become “the weapon of choice for stalkers and abusers.” This reveals the importance of taking necessary precautions so as not to enable potential abuse or misuse.

Lauren Hughes, a resident of Travis County, Texas who is one of the two women filing this lawsuit, exposed how her ex-boyfriend had planted an AirTag in her car’s wheel well and used it to monitor her. The legal documentation further revealed that the individual also colored over its original white and gray color with markers for camouflage purposes before tying it up in a plastic bag.

With her ex-partner still attempting to monitor her after she moved between apartments, Hughes declared that he used the device to locate her new area in March. Appallingly, it is assumed that he then proceeded by posting a photo of a taco truck closeby accompanied with an emoji and hashtag #airt2.0 on social media – demonstrating his malicious intent towards Hughes’ safety.

The other anonymous female participant in the lawsuit, referred to as “Jane Doe”, shared her experience of being harassed by an ex-husband after a difficult divorce. Jane resides in Kings County, New York and could not comprehend how her ex was able to monitor her location until she stumbled across AirTag inside their child’s backpack.

In this lawsuit, Ms. Du explains her continued apprehension as a result of being stalked by her assailant. Furthermore, the use of an AirTag device has only compounded this problem; it is used to locate and torment Ms. Du regardless of where she may be located at any given time.

Causing the death of a woman

This particular lawsuit is calling out for unspecified financial retribution, and it also claims that the AirTag device was used in connection to two brutal murders – one of a woman from Akron, Ohio and another man from Indianapolis. This tiny coin-like device (measuring 18 millimeters) can be purchased for only $42.7, but its usage goes beyond helping people track their personal belongings such as keys or bags; unfortunately, it has been linked with some heinous acts of violence too.

AirTag utilizes Bluetooth technology to ensure the device is visible on nearby devices, like iPhones and iPads via Apple’s Find My network. By using the incredibly helpful Find My app, you can now view AirTag locations right on a map!

Last February, Apple announced that it was working on an important AirTag update to prevent people from being tracked without their knowledge. This upgrade includes a more effective alert system that warns iPhone users when there is an unidentified AirTag in the vicinity.

Apple was clear in their stance that AirTags are solely intended to assist people with locating personal items and not for tracking the property of others. They firmly denounced any misuse or malicious use of such products.