Looking to manage your website security with minimum hassles? uPress has the answer to your problems. You can now control your website hosting for WordPress quickly, even without prior experience.

So, here is the best part about having a WordPress website, it helps you perform all actions efficiently. But, if you are coming from a non-IT background like me, maybe a little help goes the extra mile. uPress does exactly that.

But, I find it my responsibilities in this write up to remind you that the internet is dreadful place to be without a defense. The brute hackers are constantly working o finding combinations that lets them control your sites.

There are many ways to safeguard youself against such attacks, but few of them work. So, I always suggest my clients that using the proper hosting platform defines your site’s growth. Some always tell you to keep a track of logins on your admin area.

Keeping this mind, my article is designed to help you through your security issues and suggesting your paid companies that work. uPress provide full WordPress managed hosting and is one of those companies that actually work.

uPress is state of the art, third generation website hosting system designed particularly for WordPress. You must be wondering why am I bantering about this but it is 2018, and the rage of the cyber attacks are full on fledged.

So, how do you defend your WordPress from cyber attacks? 

There are many ways to fix this, but you need to make sure you are using the most efficient hosting system to make sure your WordPress is defended against cybersecurity. Not just cybersecurity, uPress provides you even more, like web page speed and optimum performance.

uPress gives you a list of recommended plugins

uPress makes sure you have access to all the premium plugins that are efficient for your WordPress hosting. It provides you with an enhanced directory of plugins that make your WordPress hosting experience even more smooth. It doesn’t matter if you have never done this before.

Why get these plugins? Every WordPress plugin is designed to make your website even more optimised. It also caters to what your website content is and makes your site unique to every user’s experience.

You would need to know which one works best for your website. Mostly newcomers have the most significant issue in deciding on which plugins suit their website best. uPress gives you the official recommendations without wasting your time.

Repair your bugged and vulnerable WordPress 

In 2018 the most burning issue online has been the rise in cyber attacks. If your website has been attacked before, it is susceptible as yet.

uPress Original repair tool helps you fix those issues an defend your website against such attacks. It strengthens your security measures, forecasts future threats.

There are many tools that say they will defend your website, but few live up to the name. In our experience, we have seen uPress provide exactly what they say.

Free SSL Certificate Installation

Usually, newcomers end up paying for these TLS/SSL certificates.

uPress provides you with these certificates free of charge by clicking on the certificate panel in the uPress WordPress hosting.

Web Application Firewall Helps! 

I am sure you already know how a firewall works. Imagine having one for your WordPress to defend your website against cyber attacks.

So, uPress gives you an additional firewall making your website stronger against cyber attacks, even the most critical ones.

The speed of your WordPress makes all the difference 

The speed of any website makes the difference. In fact, if your website is slow, chances are your traffic will not gain pace. And what’s a website without traffic? A dead site that is what.

uPress makes sure your WordPress hosting is at optimum speed. our website loads on time and has never been faster.

Creating an ‘Under Construction Zone’ has never been easier! 

uPress gives you a Sandbox Staging Environment where it lets you create a dummy page while you make your significant changes then publish it live.

This means the world does not get to know that you are making changes to your WordPress anymore. This is a fantastic way to keep your traffic without letting them know you are work in progress.

Saves user experience and your brand while letting you develop further. This is an excellent way to defend yourself against cyber attackers as they usually go for websites that are work in progress. 53% of cyber attacks are launched on small businesses. That is a number to remember.

Daily Back Up allows you to be alert! 

The daily back is essential if you want to rectify changes. uPress gives you a user-friendly experience in regular back up and saves all your work of the previous 30 days. That always makes sure your WordPress has everything documented.

SSD Drivers makes sure your website works! 

Hardware driver’s read/write speed may be too low for your WordPress website.

uPress gives you access to the latest SSD servers and makes your WordPress website sleek an fast. Lets you create changes easier and quicker.

The server of location matters too!

If you are one of those people, who host many websites for different audiences around the world, having a different location for your server domain wise can be tricky and hectic. It also means you would be spending a considerable amount of time fixing all of that.
Having uPress and the access to their international server locations is a perfect solution for you. It minimises your time and effort and lets you invest that effort in growing your website.

Migration of website can make it vulnerable 

If you are migrating your content and info from a previous site to another one, it is one of the most vulnerable times for your website.

Doing so it can open doors to more cyber attacks, but uPress lets you move all your data quickly and effortlessly while making your website safer.

Change your Passwords and keep track of multiple logins! 

If you are confused between multiple logins and passwords, then yes your website is going to be vulnerable to an attack.

Time for you make sure none of that happens, and uPress happens to have the solution that works for you. It keeps track of both, your passwords and multiple logins.

Make your WordPress hosting safer in 2018

Having a compelling WordPress hosting experience while being a beginner can be hard, I hope I have covered all the crucial points of your website’s safety.

Every year there are repeated attacks on sites around the world, targeting more and more fresh sites. Having a proper security system that works for your site is very important for you to grow as a business.

Let us be honest, we all want to make money out of our e-commerce sites. We deal with a huge amount of consumer information. Understanding the requirement for having a site that is not an easy target for hackers, is good sense for any WordPress owner.

You can always leave comments below I have left out any as websites tend to act up. If you are a newcomer then hosting companies like uPress can still help you create and develop the website you need.


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