US police find dead body of ‘California shooter’ and Biden orders flags to be flown at half mast

After an extensive pursuit of a car driven by the alleged murderer responsible for 10 deaths at Monterey Park’s dance hall, California police have discovered the culprit’s body.

As reported by AFP, law enforcement officers surrounded the car and discovered a deceased person inside. On Monday, police will officially declare if this individual is matching the description of the suspect behind the Monterey Park tragedy—a deadly shooting in an Asian-populated city.

Law enforcement authorities exposed the suicide bomber’s identity, citing multiple sources and confirming that he was an Asian man in his seventies.

In its official statement, the police department declared that they discovered the murder weapon near the killer’s body in a truck. Furthermore, Yahoo reported that nine individuals tragically lost their lives due to this senseless shooting at an event attended by thousands of people and confirmed that the shooter was male; other specifics about his identity or rationale remain unknown.

Located a mere 16 kilometers from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, Monterey Park is an idyllic city with around 60,000 inhabitants.

Song Wen Choi, proprietor of the Clam House seafood grill restaurant situated just across from where the shooting occurred, informed The Los Angeles Times that 3 people hurriedly ran into his store and commanded him to lock up. They also warned him about an armed individual with a machine gun and multiple rounds of ammunition at large.

Choi conjectured that the shooting had transpired at a dance club.

At just past 10 p.m., the inaugural night of a two-day Southern California extravaganza, one of the region’s largest Lunar New Year festivals, was shattered by an unspeakable tragedy as reported in local news outlets.

On Sunday night, President Joe Biden issued an executive order requesting that US flags be flown to commemorate the loss of life in a violent attack against Monterey Park, California. He described it as “an unconscionable act of violence” and stressed howit must never occur again. It is our duty to make sure that this tragedy does not happen again by standing united in solidarity with those affected by these heinous crimes.

In commemoration of the heartbreaking tragedy that transpired on January 21, 2023 in Monterey Park, California and with authority as President of the United States under our Constitution and laws I hereby command for our American flag to be flown at half mast in reverence of those who lost their lives.

In a statement released by the White House, President declared that all public buildings and lands in the District of Columbia and throughout the United States, its territories, and possessions will proudly fly their flags until January 26th 2023 at sunset. This includes military outposts and naval bases as well as all federal government vessels.


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