Investing in a Mercedes is a big step so you will no doubt want to ensure that your luxury car is kept in the best possible condition – keeping it well maintained, cleaned and polished to show it off to best advantage.

However, if taking it down to the local car wash doesn’t feel right then don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to keep your Mercedes perfectly clean and shiny without risking damage to the paintwork or the luxury interior.

Emily from Big Motoring World was kind enough to give us her top tip. Check out their website here. With these few tips from emily, you can keep your car in tip top condition yourself, making sure it’s looking as good on the outside as it feels to drive, whatever the weather.

1. Keep your Mercedes regularly washed

Driving your Mercedes will inevitably result in debris and dirt sticking to the paint work so make sure you wash your car regularly, to avoid damage and abrasions in the paintwork.

Use a specialist luxury car shampoo to ensure every aspect is removed during the wash – for maximum effect you should wash the car when it’s cooler and in a shaded area, rather than in direct sunlight.

In the winter it can be tempting to wash your car less due to the inclement weather, but winter is the time your car paintwork is most at risk so make sure you have a regular cleaning routine for your car all year round.

2. Polishing the car

Once your car has been thoroughly cleaned then you should make sure it is polished using a product designed specifically for luxury car bodywork. Make sure the car is completely clean and free of any stains before you attempt to polish it.

Polishing the paintwork will help to protect it and keep your Mercedes looking head-turning shiny and beautiful all year round. Make sure you only use premium quality products on your luxury car to help gain maximum protection.

3. Cleaning the wheels

One feature of your Mercedes which can be easy to overlook when cleaning and polishing is the wheels – but don’t forget, being closest to the ground they are subject to more dirt and debris from the road than anywhere else on the car.

Wipe any obvious dirt or debris that is stuck to the wheels with a clean cloth and then you can use specialist wheel cleaning products to ensure your wheels are looked after, protected and shine like the day you bought the car.

4. Caring for the interior

If you have paid for high end interior finishes and trims then it’s vital to take care of them using cleaning materials designed specifically to be used inside luxury car interiors. Make sure you only use the appropriate products for cleaning your car seats.

Use cleaning cloths for the dashboard and gear stick areas, to keep them free from dust and lint, and to have them looking as good as new no matter how often you use the car. Keep the car free of litter and clutter and use a quality air freshener to keep it smelling as clean as it looks.

5. Vacuuming

The car floor will attract the debris, dust and dirt from the outside shoes worn by both the driver and any passengers you pick up so use car mats to protect the interior carpet and make sure you give the mats and the carpet underneath a regular vacuum.

Keeping the floor regularly cleaned will help to stop any dirt that has been trailed into the car, from becoming embedded within the carpet fibres, causing longer term problematic damage, so regular vacuuming is a must to keep the flooring in good condition.

6. Caring for the leather

The chances are high that if you have invested in a luxury car you will have paid extra for the leather upholstery and keeping it clean can become problematic. The biggest tip is to only use products which have been designed specifically for use on leather materials.

If you try to use generic cleaning products on leather upholstery you could end up damaging your car’s interior and causing unsightly problems in the leather. Be careful about which products you use and if in doubt, seek expert advice before applying anything.

7. Professional valeting regularly

While it is entirely possible to look after and clean your own Mercedes regularly, you can’t beat a professional specialist valet service for making your car look pristine inside and out so treat your car to a luxury clean once a year to keep it in tip top condition.

That way all you will need to do is maintain the cleaning and keep it topped up to hold the shine and kerb appeal. Keeping your Mercedes clean is no trickier than looking after any other car – as long as you choose the right products and clean it regularly, you will be able to keep your luxury car looking new all year round.