Vastu Shastra is not about making assumptions and placing things accordingly. It is sacred knowledge, possessed by very few people, which is based on analytical science. If you are planning to make your house, a home filled with positive energy and happiness, you must know the Vastu principles in advance. The guidelines are not complex ones and can be followed even by a naive person.

We know you want to have a sound sleep and gain energy for the next day while you sleep, and hence you need to have a perfect balance of the five elements of Vastu Shastra. The Sun, the Moon, Wind energy, Earth’s magnetic energy, and Fire are the components that are the symbol of energy. They are known to bring prosperity in the life of a person, and every single placement of things has a science behind it in Vastu Shastra.

Here is the content that will help you with the Vastu tips and Vastu remedies to unwind at home and bring harmony.

Sleeping direction:

East is the direction where most of the positive energy is stored, so one should rest the head towards East direction. It is the major direction for imparting positive vibes. But even if you rest your heads in South and legs in the North will give a peaceful sleep.

One thing to remember here is, do not place your head in North direction. There are chances that you may have bad dreams, suffer from insomnia, or can cause ill health. East direction is highly recommended for students as they can have a direct view of the sunlight by just tilting a bit right.

Puja room:

Puja room

It is a must-have place in the house. Puja room plays a significant role, and North-East direction is considered best for it. People generally get confused whether the idols should face the north-east direction or should you face the north-east direction while offering prayers?

To clear the air, you should be facing the north-east direction while you pray. Also, any photo frame of a deceased person should not be placed in the puja room. Consider not to have your puja room below the stairs, as it is considered inauspicious.


A bedroom is a place that requires proper placement of things to make it a place that can break the stress. A whole new content can be written on Vastu Shastra of the bedroom but to compile it in short, read the following. It is ideal to have a bedroom placed in South-west or South direction.

And the main opening of the bedrooms should be in North or East and not South-West direction. Your bed should never be aligned to the corners of the room; it is not considered a suitable placement. You should place your wardrobes and almirah in the South-west direction only.

Tulsi Plant:

Having a medicinal plant or an herb is considered extremely auspicious for houses. They should be planted in front of the house, which thus reflects the negative energy and allows only positive energy to pass in. One thing to note here is, tulsi fragrance and the healing power adds on top of the benefits list. The ideal place to have it is in the East direction of the house.



This new place of mingling involves many Vastu Shastra placements. The ruling element of the kitchen is Fire, which holds the south-east direction and hence the gas or stove should be placed in that direction only. Also, the kitchen should not be located over the bedroom and the toilets. If still in any dilemma, contact an expert for the advice.


The placement of bathrooms is mostly overlooked by many, but it also plays an important role according to Vastu Shastra. They should not be located in any of the corners of the house. An eastern direction is considered ideal for constructing the bathroom. And if the toilet is separately built in the house, it should be built in the north-west or west part of the building area. The bathroom should not be built near the main door of the house.


According to Vastu Shastra, you can have staircases in the West or South direction. This is because stairs will block all the negative energy coming from the South direction, and hence the positivity will prevail in the house. Another thing to take care of here is, it should rise from the East direction land on the west or should start from North and land on the South. You should avoid having stairs in the northeast direction and the center of the house.


A lit place is always preferred over dark. A lamp, when lighted, is believed to ward off all the negative energies prevailing in the house. It is always better to have an oil lamp lit in the east direction. Also, it should have two wicks and a maximum of five to seven wicks in a lamp. The inauspicious direction for lamp placement is South. You can have a lamp lit in front of the deity or the Tulsi plant in the front of the house.


South or West directions are considered best for Trees plantation, but they should not be planted very near to the houses. The distance should be chosen in a way that the branches don’t come in contact with the building. This is because the positive rays will not be received by the building. Soe suggestions for tree plantation are, Coconut tree, Neem tree, Jackfruit, Mango, Amla, etc.

Hope this content guides you with the remedies and the Vastu tips that are required for a new house building


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