In today’s modern world, borders and limitations are eradicating day by day. People with any type of disability or limitations can acquire medical and educational services from anywhere around the globe. These services are also highly regulated through various laws.

Educational Standards suggest that students with special needs must be facilitated with all the opportunities to comprehend their potential without any discrimination. Progress in technologies and IT Industry is helping a lot in this regard by designing applications and appliances for students with special needs.

Different Students have diverse disabilities and hence it is not possible to aid them with the help of a single technological solution for all the problems faced by them. So custom-built solutions are designed to help a specific group of students. These specially designed technical solutions reduce the continuous need of a teacher directly involved with the student. Students can gauge the speediness of learning through these as well as these solutions simplify the communication process and enhance the skills associated with academics of the student.

Assistive Technology can provide improvement in the following areas:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Memory
  • Organization
  • Mathematics
  • Building Access
  • Physical Mobility
  • Athletic Participations
  • Social Interactions

Assistive Technology can help in learning and In-Class Activities in the following ways:

  • Touch Screens
  • Light Signals
  • Screen Magnifiers
  • Screen Readers
  • Wands and Joysticks
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Alternative Keyboards
  • Sip-and-Puff Systems
  • Voice Recognition Systems

As for Mobility, assistive technology can help in the following ways:

  • Scooters
  • Ramps
  • Openers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Grab Bars
  • Automatic Doors
  • Wider Doorways
  • Adaptive seats

Significance of Using Technology for Special Education

Technology can assist disabled students in several ways. A part of the learners are not able to use Handwriting text which is an important part of the traditional education system. With the use of the revolutionary Human Speech Recognition Technology and Synthesizing Techniques, the usage of pen, paper and other such equipment during the lessons can be evaded. It also helps those students who have a visual information processing disorder.

Adaptive Computing is another technology that uses digitized devices to empower students in tackling stimulating tasks. Well-architecture and programmed applications including Screen reader like JAWS together with custom built braille keyboards enable visually defied students to learn and use computers.

Systems like Augmented Communication can aid students suffering from speech disabilities to break communication barriers. These systems utilize charts, books and specialized Computers that enable word predictions for active communication.

But like all the other services, consider a few things before getting the services offered by companies developing such technologies and solutions. These can include:

  • Prefer those technologies which are easier to get a hold of.
  • Pay close attention to the services charges and the effect it will have on the education process.
  • The Solution should be user-friendly and highly instinctive.
  • Make sure in advance that the technology you are going to use will assimilate into the education system smoothly and it is also reliable.

Here are some examples of Technology and Web based Applications related to Education systems:

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Web-Based Services for learning from a distance:

Due to certain disabilities, students can encounter difficulties in moving over longer gaps. These tools are crafted for learners with special needs to provide them with educational services based on their needs. The point is to give students easily usable tools for accessing Online Courses in addition to keeping track of the academic progress of the student.

Such services are quite useful when students need to get prepared for their homework or Pro-Papers, but do not have a physical opportunity to get to the library.

New Video Tools for web-studying:

Online Chatting Applications assist in formation of online sessions which help the students in connecting with fellow students and teachers. It is a very cost-effective approach and allows students from anywhere around the globe to join the class. Students don’t need to travel in order to attend the classes; they just need a laptop or a tablet with a stable internet connection.

XB Chat is another example of these solutions. It supports Text, Audio and Video based conversations. Around five students can participate in reading lectures through chat room. If required a one-to-one teacher-student chat can also be initiated. It allows screen sharing so teachers can share the presentations and other education material.

Other cutting-edge tools for education:

A lot of tools are developed to benefit students with infirmities to explore their true potential. IEP, which stands for Individualized Education Program, is a Software that helps in teaching children having learning issues due to development delays, neural Injuries, and intellectual disabilities. This aids in monitoring the learning progress and to prepare visual charts for it. Reporting is also simplified using these solutions. These applications not only provide details into student’s progress but also helps in tracking the intended educational schedule and make the necessary changes where needed.

Workflow automation-based web applications:

This has been designed for the help of educational institutes. Automated workflows and creating a database unit which helps in the paperwork reduction and improve the work flow of the educational organization system. These online solutions for educators help them in complying with the educational standards while reducing the efforts required. It has built-in patterns for the purpose of filling out various forms and you can also easily import and export your data. The document can also be printed or saved in PDF format.

Wrap Up

So, we have explained that the usage of technology can assist a lot in special needs student’s education by breaking the barricades and providing them such educational programs that are most relevant to them. Specially architectured hardware and custom-built software apps allow students with special needs to gain quality education and grant easy access to the information they require.Technology allows for better options in educating practices and provides students with personalized learning that pulls them out of their anxiety. All the discrete learners get the required material with least effort and educators are also able to help these especially abled students.