In the video .. a “strange incident” on board a plane, which reaps millions of views

A video clip of a “strange incident” that happened to a female passenger on a plane has won millions of views on the “TikTok” application, according to the British newspaper “The Sun”.

According to the source, while it’s not recommended to remove shoes and socks during flights, touching other passengers is much worse.

This is what happened to a female passenger on a plane when she felt a passenger behind her tickle her leg with his bare feet.

The passenger, Typhona, posted on her TikTok account a clip showing her “shocked” at what happened after the passenger was able to access her “personal space” inside the cabin.


no way people actually do this im flabbergasted

♬ drama effect background – Not Me

She stated, “It is impossible for people to do such a thing.. I am shocked.. The worst thing is that I later saw him wearing sneakers .”

The clip has gained about 30 million views since its participation only 4 days ago, while people expressed their anger at the incident.

“It should be considered a crime,” said one commenter, while another said, “I think I would have poured hot tea on his feet so that he realizes he has crossed his seating area.”


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