Video: Bebe Rexha gets punched in the face on stage

Bebe Rexha gets punched in the face on stage

American singer Bebe Rexha was hit in the face during her performance at a party in New York. The pop star walked off stage during the concert after she was hit in the face by a phone thrown in her face by a fan, causing her to fall to her knees. She was later taken from the scene, apparently still in pain, with her hand pressed to her face.

A video posted online showed a man being removed from the crowd by security men as fans shouted: “This is assault.” NYPD later confirmed that a 27-year-old attendee had been charged with assault.

The singer posted on her account on “Instagram” pictures showing her injuries yesterday, Monday. She had bruises around her left eye and a cut on her eyebrow. However, she reassured her fans in her comments on the photos: “I’m fine,” and gave the camera a thumbs up.

Pop Base, reported that the star had undergone medical treatment and required three stitches.

Fans who attended the show expressed their disbelief about how the show ended with this accident, with one writing on Twitter: “Still in shock 2 hours later. I saw something flying and hit her. I thought it was a CD or a piece of paper until I saw it fall.” Another added: “People were dressed in real clothes and were in a good mood because they were going to a concert, but this guy ruined everything.” A third commented: “A very disturbing end to a great show. Hope you are well.”

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