Video .. Cardi B loses her temper on stage after “rejected behavior”

Cardi B loses her temper

The famous American rapper “Cardi B” lost her temper during a concert in Las Vegas, after she responded to someone who threw a drink at her by throwing it into the microphone.

A video documenting the incident was widely circulated on social media platforms, and the singer’s response to a woman who threw a drink at her while she was performing one of her songs appears, by throwing the microphone she was carrying to sing before the security guards rushed to the stage.

Other guards approached the stage to contain the incident, moments before the artist continued her concert with her music group.

According to CNN, the recent incident of Cardi B Las Vegas is the latest in a series of similar incidents that have been repeated recently at concerts.

The network indicated that several other artists, including Drake, Harry Styles and Kelsey Ballerini, were subject to similar attacks from the masses during their participation in concerts.

The network indicated that artists recently rejected the behavior of some audiences and expressed their dissatisfaction with them.

In this aspect, I mentioned that last week, the artist, Monica, jumped off the stage, to stop a man who allegedly tried to hit a woman, during a concert she was performing in Detroit.

Monica’s intervention was widely praised after footage of the incident spread on social media, and she later stated that she feels that concerts have become a “dangerous place and space”, and expressed her hopes that “that will change”.

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