In the video, Joe Biden leaves a television interview before it ends

In a strange way, US President Joe Biden concluded his exclusive interview with MSNBC in his way and decided to get up from his seat before cutting off the broadcast.

At the end of the interview, which lasted approximately 20 minutes, Biden saluted the TV anchor and then got up from his seat directly in a scene that put the TV channel in embarrassment.

Anchor Nicole Wallace ended the meeting with a closing sentence while Biden was walking around behind her in the photo studio.

“Don’t go away,” the MSNBC anchor told viewers as Biden walked right behind her.

Biden left as soon as the questions ended in a hurry, in a video that spread on social media.

“What’s Joe Biden doing? It’s live TV,” former Republican National Committee staffer Steve Guest wrote in a tweet.

Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a Republican, shared a tweet in which he derided the video, stating, “This clip perfectly encapsulates the essence of the Biden presidency.”

There was speculation that the president, being the oldest in US history, displayed a sense of urgency as if he had a destination in mind.

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