(Video) A policeman knocks down a delivery guy to clear the path for Joe Biden’s motorcade in Manhattan.

policeman knocks down a delivery guy

A video clip circulating on Twitter showed a policeman mobilizing to completely empty the street just before US President Joe Biden’s motorcade passed in New York.

During the clip, the policeman appeared to drop one of the delivery workers off his bike in a strange way.To go back and approach him and help him get up as the president’s motorcade begins to pass .

The scene received negative reactions to the behavior, as one of the tweeters wrote,commenting on the incident: “Is this act normal and it did its duty, or does it reveal the barbarism of the West ?”

The spread of the video coincided with the events taking place in France a few days ago, in protest against the behavior of the French police, which claimed the life of the young man, Nael Al-Marzouki.

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