Brutal video.. A student violently beats his teacher until she lost consciousness

A student violently beats his teacher

In an appalling circumstance, a school student in America watched as his teacher was brutally attacked until she passed out, only to spit on her after he was apprehended and menacingly promise to kill her once she regained consciousness.

Joanne Neiditch, a mother of two, was violently attacked by one of her adolescent students with special needs in Florida. The student had been playing on his Nintendo Switch in the classroom when Neiditch took it away from him; as punishment for this action he beat her fifteen times and kicked her hard enough to cause unconsciousness. This incident has been reported by the Daily Mail newspaper.

Captured by an internal surveillance camera, footage revealed the teacher walking when the student suddenly rushed up to her and forcefully shoved her down. The animalistic attack included kicks and beatings on her head and back that were so violent they knocked the teacher out cold where she lay motionless afterwards.

One of her classmates attempted to intervene and separate the student from his victim, yet he persisted in hitting her by extending his leg and kicking it. Ultimately, four more individuals stepped forward to discourage him from continuing this behavior.

The teacher was rushed to the hospital while law enforcement apprehended and arrested Nandesh’s assailant, who had threatened her life before spitting on her. The perpetrator is now being held accountable for their actions in a juvenile court of law, facing charges of severe assault with bodily harm which could carry up to five years imprisonment as punishment.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office in Florida reported that Joanne Neiditch had endured “severe injuries” and was promptly transported to a hospital for medical attention.

The teacher with her son - photo from the Daily Mail
The teacher with her son – photo from the Daily Mail

“I hit her every time”

After being detained, the adolescent confessed that he would take physical action against his teacher each time she removed one of his toys.

“Am I going to jail?”, he questioned the officers as they handcuffed him to the school, following up with “How long for?”. To this query, one of them simply answered “I don’t know”.

Myriad emotions swept over him as he spoke with the officers, yet desperation outweighed them all. “Oh my God,” he exclaimed, “I can’t go to jail! There are too many other things I must do!”

A faculty member from the school in Flagler County stressed that rather than sending this student to prison as punishment, he should be transferred to a mental institution for treatment due to his special needs.

The public outcry against him was fierce and urgent; demands for his arrest on charges of assault and attempted murder echoed through the streets.

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