A video that monitors the police dealing with the shooter inside a bank in Kentucky

Louisville Police, Kentucky, released a video clip documenting the police’s handling of Monday’s bank shooting.

According to police, a bank employee wielding a gun killed five of his colleagues and injured nine others at his workplace in Louisville on Monday in an attack broadcast on social media.

Louisville police said the 23-year-old shooter was killed at the scene.

It was not clear if his death was due to police fire or if he killed himself.

According to Reuters, this latest incident is another example of the frequent occurrence of mass shootings that result in numerous fatalities in the United States.

Last year, Connor Sturgeon became a full-time employee at the downtown branch of Old National Bank. The department has identified him as the shooter.

According to the police, they responded promptly to reports of an attacker at the bank’s branch near Slugger Field, which were received around 8:30 a.m. local time.

Police Chief Jacqueline Gwen Villarroel informed the press that law enforcement officers shot the individual who carried out the shooting. She also mentioned that the perpetrator shared a live video of the incident on the internet.

Reuters reported that those who died were identified by police as Joshua Barrick, 40, Diana Eckert, 57, Thomas Elliott, 63, Juliana Farmer, 45, and James Tutt, 64.

During a news briefing, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear became emotional and fought back tears. He mentioned that he was personally acquainted with some of the deceased individuals, including Elliott, who was a senior vice president at the bank.

Bashir said that the person had taught him skills related to building a career in law, guided him to become a leader and also provided advice on how to be a good father.

Two policemen were among the nine injured individuals. According to the police, one of their officers, who had recently graduated from the police academy and was 26 years old, sustained a gunshot wound to the head. He underwent brain surgery and is currently in critical condition.

A spokesman for the University of Louisville Hospital said that all nine injured are receiving treatment at the University Hospital. Two other injured are in critical condition.


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