Video. The train hit her and she miraculously survived

The train hit her and she miraculously survived

A very exciting video clip showed a girl the moment she miraculously escaped death, as she was actually hit by the train, but fortunately she escaped death, thanks to the bag on her back, as the train hit the bag first and threw it off its track.

The accident took place in Hungary, according to what the owner of the video, which he posted on YouTube, says. It was not clear in the video clip whether the girl was seriously injured after the accident, and whether she was taken to hospital or not, but it was Clearly, she escaped death.

In the video, it appeared that the girl or the lady was trying to cross to the opposite side in the wrong way, The girl seemed to intend to catch the train going in the opposite direction. However, she stepped back when she realized that she couldn’t cross because the train going the opposite way had already arrived at the station. While she was distracted by observing the other train and contemplating how to catch it, she had an accident on the side where she stood due to the train coming towards her.

The publisher of the video wrote: “The bag saved the girl from certain death,” indicating that the train touched the bag that was on her back and threw it away as a result. If she had not been carrying this bag, the train would have hit her directly and she died.

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