Video .. “tragic end” of a man who jumped out of a speeding car

tragic end of a man who jumped out of a

A man who hijacked a police car died after jumping out of the car during a high-speed chase on Tuesday, security authorities said.

The individual responsible for the theft of a police car, yet to be identified, bailed out on a California highway when the high-speed chase broadcasted live across America began intensifying.

In a shocking scene, captured on video, the car thief can be seen leaping out of the moving vehicle while it is barreling down the road at an astonishing 112 km per hour.

The man tragically plummeted onto the sidewalk and his head collided with the ground, sliding several feet until he was out of sight on the highway. Meanwhile, that same car kept moving along it’s deadly path and finally crashed into a utility pole.

After being rushed to the hospital, the man tragically succumbed to his injuries sustained from falling off a speeding car after just 4 hours.

The motivations behind the man’s decision to steal a police car and then fling himself onto the highway remain unknown.