Voice Search for B2B SEO

Technology has been opening new doors in recent years, making lives simpler; it has become a companion in everyone’s lives.

New technologies are coming up every so often that provide support in business fields, medical fields, daily lives, general errands, and every field. Google search engine has created a revolution; all the information one could ever need is available on Google. 

People often joke about how “just Google it” is the answer to any question.

With its incredible features, Google is the leading search engine today.

One such feature that has been in use since 2002 is the voice search. Launched in 2002 by Google, this feature enables users to voice their needs, and the search engine shows relevant searches. 

This feature is quite familiar to people in the form of Siri and Google’s assistant. In recent years, many companies have used this feature extensively and have developed their own unique versions of it. Today’s most popular ones are the Amazon Alexa and Cortana assistant, along with Siri and Google’s assistant.

What is B2B?

B2B stands for business to business, and it comprises companies that cater to the needs of other businesses. These companies offer things that help other businesses that may require growth and development. B2B businesses are present in almost all fields. 

Since these companies feed off the supply to other businesses, most fields requiring more than a certain team to get things done, require B2B’s. One such field is the automobile industry.

Like most people are aware, for the manufacture of a vehicle, quite a lot of things are needed, such as hoses, tires, batteries, electronics, etc. 

Each of these is supplied individually by other businesses known as B2B’s to the company that is manufacturing vehicles.

The growth of e-commerce has created new opportunities for B2B and redefined the business and supplier relations. Most of B2B’s nowadays offer their services and sell their products through e-commerce websites.

They do offer updates and information about their products and services. Some of the common e-commerce websites are for supply and procurement exchanges and information sites.

These B2B’s have seen an increase in business since the expansion from in-store to online. Covering a lot more audience now, the profits they make have seen tremendous development since then.

With the online businesses flourishing as they are, having a voice search on their website will be a bonus.

It is predicted that by the end of 2020, up to 50 percent of all searches worldwide will be voice connected. Keeping this in mind, B2B marketing agency are expanding their reins to inculcating voice search in their websites will be extremely useful and is an excellent opportunity to improve the SEO of their websites.

Understanding that voice search is only an extended bonus to current SEO practices, and it is not a whole new feature is the proper way to perceive it. Focusing on mobile-friendly interaction and targeting keywords long and short, along with snippets from the website, is the best way to maximize interaction.

While the use of voice searching is happening in workplaces, it doesn’t necessarily indicate it is being used for the business purpose and in the right way.

To avoid misunderstanding, here are a few scenarios that use voice searching as a part. 

Scenarios where optimizing voice searching generally are, to provide a wonderful user experience on mobile, for answering long-tail questions, while providing relevant how-to content, making sure your content is present in a snippet-friendly manner and for making a note of the conversational tone.

Three key points to keep in mind to get your perfect SEO strategy and climb up the traffic charts and areas where voice search can be included are discussed below.

The first and foremost thing is structured data. Keeping content on your website structured and organized matters a lot more than you can believe. When your website is in an orderly manner, it makes it easier for search engines to process and find it easily. 

Structuring often includes focusing on the positioning of images in your blogs, what comes where and the way you feature your blog posts.

The one main advantage of structuring is it helps search engines understand your site better.

The second key point is to claim your Google business listing. Claiming your profile on Google My Business has its fair share of advantages. Optimizing it proficiently and in proper categories is important.

Providing accurate information on there is crucial since Google My Business sees it matches the information available on your website. This offers a lot of cool features, making it all the easier to be accessible to mobile users.

Speaking of mobile users, the third key point is to focus on a mobile strategy. Most B2B businesses have a lot of traffic from desktop and overlook mobile strategies. Yet, there is growth in mobile traffic even on this side, and having a strategy that functions and is optimized for a decent experience is crucial.

Once there is traffic to your site, creating a proper search experience lies in your hands, and integrating voice searching is the best way to increase your business. Utilizing the SEO practices and integrating the advancements in these fields, such as voice searching, will be beneficial.


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