His wealth is estimated at billions.. Warren Buffett’s wife complains about the price of $4 coffee

Many newspapers circulated “shocking” information about the wife of billionaire Warren Buffett, that Astrid was said to have complained about the price of $4 coffee while she was at the “Sun Valley” summer camp for the rich and famous on Thursday.

In a bizarre scene, Astrid Buffett grumbled about how much she had to pay for her morning drink, even though her husband, 92-year-old billionaire chairman Warren Buffett, is worth more than $115 billion.

Astrid married the billionaire in 2006 when she was 60 and he was 73. They live in a modest home in Omaha, Nebraska, for which Buffett paid $31,000 in 1958, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

And the photographers spotted the American billionaire Warren Buffett, on Wednesday, as he was heading to a meeting called the “summer camp for billionaires” in Idaho, northwest of the United States.

Warren Buffett was heading to the meeting in a small golf cart, wearing a red jacket.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Buffett joined “a large number of technology and media moguls” who are participating in the Valley of the Sun conference in Idaho.

Private jets flocked successively to the Valley of the Sun, carrying a number of the world’s most prominent billionaires and CEOs of giant companies.

Among them: Disney CEO Bob Iger, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and Sam Altman, founder of OpenEye, the company responsible for chatbot GPT.

What increases the mystery about this event is that it takes place behind closed doors, and journalists are prevented from covering its facts. Reports stated that several files are expected to dominate the event this year, including artificial intelligence and data streaming services.

Media reports also indicate that the billionaire Buffett’s wife, upon seeing the drinks menu, exclaimed, “Look at those prices.”


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