Watch – AI shoes let you walk faster without extra effort

AI shoes let you walk faster without extra effort

One year ago, Shift Robotics debuted what they have touted as the world’s fastest shoe – an innovation that permits you to ‘run’ at a normal walking pace!

The Pittsburgh-based engineering company is embarking on a fundraising mission to bring their groundbreaking “Moonwalkers” shoes to life.

Recently, Casey Neistat, a content creator and co-founder of the social media platform Bimi, took to his YouTube account to share an exciting experience with artificial intelligence: The “Moon Walkers”.

Like the roller skates that kids love, Moon Walkers are equipped with advanced technology such as AI and machine learning to enable their wearers to move at a rate far surpassing traditional shoes.

The motor effectively transmits the power to 8 plastic wheels, which respond seamlessly and naturally to each ankle’s motion as you transition between walking and standing.

The ergonomically designed forefoot encourages your toes to move and balance freely, while the multi-layer electronic brake protection system offers you peace of mind as you tackle stairs, elevators, or public transportation.

The Shift Robotics website demonstrates how to use their shoes effortlessly. You don’t need any prior knowledge or skills, as the AI will automatically adapt to your walking style – all it takes is 10 steps and you’re ready! Furthermore, adjusting the speed of your walk is incredibly simple: just either pick up or slow down your pace! To stop? Easy – simply stop walking.

With Moon Walkers’ impressive 11km/h top speed, 10km range on a single charge and lightweight 2kg design, you can be sure your journeys will remain effortless. Plus, with its USB-C cable and charger recharging ease of use – there’s no need to worry about running out of power quickly!

Moon Walkers may not be cheap, but the cool kids are definitely worth it — you’ll have to shell out $1,400 for a pair.