House elevators were once considered as a status symbol because they were only seen in luxury homes. These days, however, technological innovations have enabled the development of home elevators that can be installed and operated at a much lower cost.

Hence, it’s no longer a special feature that can only be afforded by affluent homeowners. If you’re thinking about installing a house elevator, here are some considerations that can help you decide if it’s recommended for your family:

Convenience and Functionality

House elevators are generally installed for the following types of residents:

  • Injured people who can’t use the stairs
  • People who have issues with mobility (i.e. using the stairs is difficult or dangerous for them)
  • Elderly people who wish to “age in place

In most of these cases, the house came first before the mobility issue. If they knew what they would be dealing with, they would have chosen a home with just one story. Since looking for a new home takes more energy and money, the more practical solution is to install a house elevator for a family member who can’t use the stairs.

A house elevator can help a person appreciate every corner of their home without being limited by their situation or disability. The model you choose will help maximize your needs and preferences, so it’s important to consider the kinds of people will use them. You can check out this site for more information on different elevator types available.

Safety from Accidents

Safety from Accidents

The weight capacity of house elevators range from 350 lbs. to 1,500 lbs. with sizes that typically fit two or more people. These are important considerations if the person using it is in a wheelchair or requires the regular transport of health equipment from site to site.

House elevators generally come with a variety of safety features that further minimizes the risks of accidents. They have emergency stop buttons, safety brakes to avoid free falls, non-slip surfaces, see-through panels, durable elevator cables, LED lights, and backup batteries in case of a power outage. With a house elevator, immobile people no longer have to feel bad about themselves for being unable to climb up or down the stairs.

Improved Quality of Life

Because of improved accessibility throughout the home, a house elevator can consequently improve the disposition of a person who used to feel stuck due to their condition. It significantly reduces the worry brought about by feelings of being a burden. More often than not, these people tend to fear that their families or friends might eventually get tired of helping them.

Not only does a house elevator make things a lot easier for an immobile individual, it also makes helping a lot more convenient for their family and friends. Both sides can start enjoying home life without being too concerned about the challenges of normal tasks in split level homes. Additionally, it provides more independence for everyone involved, so living conditions are no longer going to be that different from normal households.

Expression of Style

House elevators come in a variety of styles that cater to both functional needs and aesthetic preferences. While the functionality must be prioritized, the looks should also be considered and made to fit the rest of the home. You wouldn’t really want an elevator that looks too out of place.

This is why custom home elevator designs are worth looking into so that all aspects of your needs are taken into account. After all, tailoring everything according to your specific condition is the best way to get the most out of house elevator installation.

Increased Property Value

You may not be thinking of selling your property at this time, but having a house elevator can actually increase the value of your home. Having an elevator installed isn’t really a feature usually found in many homes, so that instantly adds to its overall appeal. On top of monetary value, it also provides a lot of practical value especially for senior citizens. Many of them appreciate the installation of house elevators because they don’t really want to go through the trouble of selling the home they’ve come to love through the years.


Ultimately, the accessibility brought by house elevators is bound to help a lot of families that need it. Is your house big enough to install an elevator?