The sales team is the heart of any business organization. It keeps it robust as it pumps revenue into the business. An outside sales team is a significant driver in the business ecosystem, comprising 71.2 % of the sales force. It only shows that there is no substitute for face to face interaction. 

Your business needs to empower its sales team with the tools that they need to boost productivity. A mobile sales app that has sales enablement features can provide your sales team with the necessary content and technology to close that sale. 

Studies show that sales representatives only use 35% of their time making actual sales. Administrative tasks such as organizing data and dealing with internal policies take most of their time. Here are ways the features of a mobile sales app can solve this problem and help your business achieve maximum productivity.

1. It Speeds Up the Training Process

Send your new hires out in the field in half the time by giving them access to the freshest company and product information right at their fingertips. They can view and study sales data and client profile anytime, anywhere. It allows them to formulate their strategies without having to wait for meetings or training.

2. It Organizes Data in One Accessible Place. 

  • Gone, are the days of lugging huge portfolios and manila folders filled with sales and marketing collaterals. Sales representatives can quickly locate the product catalogs and pricing sheets that they need on their mobile devices. It allows them to make a polished and professional presentation to prospective clients. 
  • Can update sales information and share them with their team in real-time. Sales representatives will always have the latest news at the palm of their hands. 

3. It Provides Tools Essential to Closing the Deal

  • Shows that you are likely to lose and opportunity if you don’t close fast. Having instant access to answers to your client’s questions will allow you to close in on the deal. Built-in cost calculators and product comparisons can assist in negotiations.

4. Provides Analytics for Better Decision – Making

  • Insights on data that quantify the effects of improvements made on your marketing strategy. It is crucial in optimizing marketing campaigns. It also allows the team to analyze the strengths and weaknesses that aids in sales development strategies.

5. It Provides Consistency of Information

  • The entire team informed with the latest content and updates. All sales representatives will get the same assets at the same time, so no member is left behind. Wherever they are in the world, they carry a library of information they can use to make that perfect sales pitch.

The buyers of this generation do not respond to a “one size fits all” approach anymore, so it is crucial to align your content with precisely what they need. Sales enablement makes your team do their job efficiently. It also provides your clients with a more personalized sales experience. And all of this can be done on any mobile device. How’s that for convenience?

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