The kitchen is without doubt the heart and soul of every home. As one of the busiest rooms in your house, the kitchen needs to be a reflection of who you are. That said, it is important to design your kitchen to suit your taste and preferences. However, achieving that high-end designer look for your kitchen is not as easy as many perceive. Below are 7 ways to achieve a designer kitchen that fits your personality

1. Invest in lighting

Limiting yourself to spotlights or ceiling hangings can greatly compromise your creativity. To improve your kitchen appearance, it is wise to invest in a unique lighting system that compliments your personality. For instance, adding floor lights as well as under-cabinet lighting can significantly boost the appearance of your kitchen. If looking to add a futuristic touch in your kitchen design, you should consider playing with different lighting colors. Different lighting styles make your kitchen flexible to your moods. That is, you can select dim lighting when you are not in the mood of bright lights.

2.  Play with Kitchen tiles

Regardless of where they are placed, tiles are instrumental in injecting personality into your kitchen. You can select tiles in different patterns, colors and shape. However, in your quest to personalize your kitchen, be sure to remember to keep the worktops simple if you opt for strong wall patterns and vice versa. To achieve that contemporary designer look, be sure to find the perfect balance between tile colors and patterns. Also, it is advisable to balance shiny surfaces with a bit of matt to prevent monotony in appearance. Similar to splashback tiles, patterned tiles can help add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. Therefore, do not hesitate to get creative with tiles as they can make a huge difference in your kitchen space.

3. Embrace color

When designing your kitchen space, color selection can make a huge difference. Bright colors give your space that elegant appearance. Even better, a mixture of bright and bold colors help achieve that desired sophistication. However, it is necessary to understand the importance of color coordination. Do not just play with colors for the sake of it. Instead, invest in a unique theme that compliments your personality. A themed kitchen is always preferred to one that mixes colors without any particular order. When choosing colors for your kitchen, be sure to identify the look you want to achieve. Factors such as access to natural light, kitchen equipment and general household theme should help you determine the perfect blend of colors.

4. Go for Unique statement pieces

When designing your kitchen, ensure you never shy from going the extra mile. Getting a unique statement piece such as a stone sink can go a long way in giving your kitchen that modern elegant look. Statement pieces give you the freedom to embrace your creativity. To get the best out of your kitchen design, mixing and matching different styles is recommended. You can get a vintage cabinet or add unique handles to your kitchen cabinets. Statement pieces add a touch of uniqueness to your kitchen and are guaranteed to leave your guests impressed, more so if you get rare pieces. Most importantly, a statement piece allows you to express your personality in your kitchen space.

5. Go professional

Seeking professional services is the surest way of achieving a designer kitchen that meets your personality. Choosing between colors or kitchen equipment can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to design or lack enough time to research on appropriate options. Experts such as will hold your hand throughout the design process and ensure you achieve your desired outcome. Also, before you make any purchases, be sure to inquire from professionals on issues regarding installation and quality. Making such inquiries can help avert unnecessary costs that arise as a result of wrongful purchases or damages to property when installing.

6.  Embrace unique shapes

To get that kitchen design that fits your personality, you will need to dig deeper than just colors. Kitchen islands, accessories and tables can be uniquely shaped to suit your taste and preferences. For instance, square shaped kitchen islands are usually compatible with most kitchen designs. If you want to inject personality to your kitchen space, it is advisable to get accessories and tables of your favorite shapes. Mixing random shapes can make your kitchen appear overdone. To avoid this, altering shapes of large kitchen items such as the dining table, kitchen island, stools and seats is recommended. Getting creative with large objects goes a long way in giving your kitchen that unique look. When purchasing a dining table, do not settle for the common designs. Instead, go for unique tables that will add a bit of dynamism to your overall kitchen design.

7.  Accessorize

Accessories make all the difference when it comes to adding personality to your kitchen. With a host of accessories to choose from, you can turn your kitchen space into the fortress you want. Start with small items such as canisters to replace ordinary storage dishes. Greenery also helps give your kitchen that natural look. Invest in flowers if your budget allows as they always liven up the kitchen and compliment other accessories. Depending on the your kitchen`s cabinet design, it is advisable to use glassware or ceramics when styling up. Using such items helps maintain a clean theme and bring your kitchen to life. Another accessory that should not be forgotten is kitchenware. As obvious as it may sound, selecting the appropriate kitchenware helps complete your desired look. Go for kitchen clothes and rugs that support your preferred theme.

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