Ways To Make Press On Nails Last And Slay Longer

The consequences of lockdown could still be felt, but that doesn’t signify you have to forego self-care. While we may not get our nails professionally done, there is a way to gather some of that enchantment for your next Zoom call. With so many salons shuttered due to COVID-19, press-on nails are being viewed as a potential alternative. There are a variety of nail patterns, colors, and lengths to suit any style. You can match your press on’s with the season by purchasing a creative nail set suitable for fall or Christmas. It is time to improve your press-on nail application method for those who want to bring even more glitter to their glam appearance. Here are the ways to make your press on nails last longer to make them shine out for weeks

  • Peel off the dead cuticle skin on your nails using a cuticle pusher, then press and curve the cuticles upwards to allow the Press On Nails to fit easily.
  • To prevent your nails from peeking out from underneath the press-on, clip or file them as short as possible. The filing also helps to generate grip and strengthens the grasp.
  • Before applying your press-ons, make sure your nails are immaculate so that dirt, oil, or other debris does not hinder the glue from fully attaching the press-on to your natural nail.
  • Depending on how long you want your press-on nails to endure, apply your glue accordingly. For example, if you’re looking to change up your nail appearance for the weekend, experts recommend using only a few droplets of adhesive. On the other hand, cover your entire nail with adhesive if you want your press-ons to last a week or more. Clutch Nails’ high-quality, premium nail adhesive can extend the life of your press-on nails by around 2-3 weeks.
  • Prefer shorter nails. Long coffins, stiletto, and almond-shaped nails are fun, but the longer they are, the more likely they will hook on anything and break off.
  • Apply the press-on, assuring that the bottom end just touches your cuticle. Hold the pressure for 10 seconds to let the glue establish a solid connection with the nails.
  • Just keep in mind not to immerse your nails in water. Because press-ons are meant to be removed with simple soap and water, let them remain in soapy suds for extended periods might decrease their wear.

Tip time

  • For 5-10 minutes, immerse your hands in warm water. Warm water softens your cuticles, making them simpler to groom for press ons.
  • File the sides of the press-on nail to suit your nail beds for an even better fit.
  • Apply one nail at a time.
  • When you’re finished putting the nails on, flip your hands over and drop some glue on the edges where the Press On Nails meet your natural nails. This seals the space and keeps water from leaking between your Press on Nails and your natural nails.

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