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What is a Domain Name?
Domain names are found in URLs recognize particular by Web pages.
What web host mean?
Web hosts actually companies offering space in a server |possessed or leased for use by customers, along with providing Internet connectivity, .
What website IP address?
IP address that’s assigned to your website, every device conacted to the internet will get its own IP address, and the server where you hosting your website will have an IP address, and you can share the same IP address with thousands of website that hosted on this server, most web hosting companies offer Dedicated IP address for extra paymant
What does shared hosting mean?
Shared hosting is usually a kind of Web hosting company |which allows multiple websites to Owen same physical web site server and its features and resources between the hosted websites. Shared hosting environment logically distributes the same web site server to operate and support multiple website
What does VPS hosting mean?
VPS (virtual private server) its a way that a web host company will provide a dedicated server with Shared hosting environment, this mean your hosting space will use its dedicated resources on that web server and you have full operating system dedicated for you, even you share the server with other VPS hosting website but the operating will run virtualized operating system, and you will have full root access to the server
What does dedicated hosting mean?
With dedicated hosting you will have a full control of web server so you can install your Owen operating system or hardware, there is two type of dedicated hosting server one is managed hosting or unmanaged hosting both has big complexity and differences


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