In today’s digital age, a large number of people inform their relatives, friends and colleagues about their wedding date through email or WhatsApp messages. While such methods are very convenient and get the job done quickly, they cannot replicate the sentimentality and personalised touch associated with elegant wedding invitations.

Despite many couples opting for electronic or digital invitations, there is still a huge group of people out there who cannot imagine their wedding without traditional wedding invitations. No matter how many giant strides technology takes in the next couple of years, wedding invitations will still be around.

Here are some of the reasons why wedding invitations continue to be relevant:

Personal Representation

There will be many invitees who would not be very familiar with what you both are as a couple. A wedding invitation card serves as the right material for you to give them a glimpse of your personality. It also enables you to familiarise them with the kind of relationship you share with each other.

You can use graphics, illustrations or pictures in your wedding invitation to ensure it represents you well as a couple. While putting together such a wedding invitation card, you must consult your partner and ensure the two of you are on the same page. Whether you are an adventurous couple or homebodies, the wedding invitation should reflect that.

Touch and Feel

Unlike a digital invitation, a wedding invitation card is a physical entity that can be touched and felt. You can hold it in your hands and might just be able to smell the paper and other materials it has been made with. Though we are living in a digital world, there are some things that we crave to experience in their physical form.

When an invitee looks at the wedding invitation card sent by you, they would strongly get the feeling that they have been invited to an important event. Most couples save their wedding invitation for years and keep looking at them from time to time. Unless you get physical cards printed, you won’t be able to experience this joy.


When you are about to get married, you would be looking for a reputed photographer who can some nice pictures during the festivities. These pictures would hold a special place in your heart and you would want to revisit them regularly. Pictures, however, are not the only thing that forms a part of your wedding memorabilia.

A few years after you have got married, you will pull out your wedding invitation from the cupboard and get emotional. That explains the power and value of a physical wedding invitation card. If you opt for digital invitations today, then you might be left with a sense of regret in your heart a few years down the line.

Wedding Guide

Apart from letting your guests know about your wedding dates, your wedding invitation card also serves as a guide to your guests. An elaborate wedding invitation should have important details about the events scheduled in and around your wedding. Apart from the number of events, their dates and timings should be mentioned as well.

A wedding invitation will also inform the guests about the dress code for the wedding if any. It helps them prepare for the wedding and have the right expectations from it. On your end, you have to ensure that the wedding invitation has been designed well and contains all the relevant information pertaining to your wedding.


Your wedding would be the most important event in your life. However, it would be a little unreasonable to expect everybody around you to treat it as much importance. To ensure your invitees or guests get an idea about how important this particular day is for you, you should be sending them physical wedding invitations.

When your guests receive your elaborately designed wedding invitation, they will definitely understand what your wedding means to you. Even if they are busy, they will manage their schedule and make time to attend your wedding. When you work towards putting together a wedding invitation that looks special, you can be sure about a large number of people turning up.

You must spend a good amount of time deciding on the design and structure of your wedding invitation card. When you look for professional help to get your wedding invitation designed, the best company to reach out to would be Pietra Paper Design.

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