An angle grinder is a hand held power tool that uses a disc to carry out tasks such as polishing and cutting.

Angle grinders are used in many different industries, from carpentry to jewellery making where items like a Diamond grinding disc are used. As there is a wide range of uses for angle grinders, we’ve compiled a list some of the most popular ones for you.

Different types of angle grinders

  • Grinding discs are a popular disc and they are used for many purposes such as sanding wood and as a step to getting metal pieces ready to be welded.
  • Wire wheels resemble a steel wool type of disc, where many wires sit attached to a circular base. The coarseness of these wheels tends to offer a quick job time where the thicker the bristles a wheel has, the easier the job tends to be as well.
  • Cut-off discs are used to cut through materials such as metal sheets and bars. As they are made to cut through strong materials, these discs are thinner in diameter and can shatter if used incorrectly.
  • Flap discs are composed from softer materials and are commonly used to finish products. They have different grits where the lower the number, the coarser the grit it.
  • Polishing pads are made of soft material where the purpose is to finish a surface through custom polishing. Polishing pads offer many different materials and sizes which can create a bespoke look for a surface.
  • Diamond cutting discs have diamonds placed on the edges of the wheel. This makes them the sharpest discs of the bunch and tend to be very durable, especially the higher the cutting rim is as measured in millimetres.

Pro tip: Customising your grit can help to achieve the perfect finish.