With the ludicrous amount of options afforded drivers these days (automatic or manual, electric or hybrid, hatchback or compact), it can be a daunting prospect diving headfirst into the market for a new motor. The best place to start for those who don’t give two shakes about horsepower and style and just want a practical car to “get them from A to B” is the top 5 most popular cars in the country. So, let’s put them under the microscope, shall we?

But, before you purchase a new vehicle, there are a few important things you may want to look into more detail to ensure you’re getting the best car deals possible. Whether it’s insurance or an optional insurance to help protect your vehicle from damage or theft, it’s worth looking at the options available to help guard your vehicle.

Though at face value, buying a car looks as though it’s easy, Matt Eland, the Operations Director at Direct Gap provided his insight on what to look for when buying a car in the UK “Like anything, it’s important to understand what you’re paying for. Make sure you get a clear breakdown of any dealer options or addon products (such as gap insurance and tyre cover) before you sign, to avoid any hidden costs down the road.” With that piece of advice in mind, we’re going to be looking at what the best selling cars in the UK are to date and why they’re so popular.

Ford Fiesta – An absolute classic that has always been and always will be a firm favourite amongst first-time drivers. The Fiesta is a reliable and resilient car that has earned a reputation for itself as the US manufacturers most popular ‘supermini’. Its dynamic blend of charm and practicality means that we’ll probably still be driving Fiestas in 30 years.

Ford Focus – The Blue Oval continues its success amongst the middle class with its ergonomic design, surprisingly nippy performance and excellent driveline. It doesn’t hurt that the Focus is a dependably attractive family car with a smooth chassis and exquisite entertainment features in the latest models.

Vauxhall Corsa – While it might sometimes be seen as the perpetual ‘also-ran’ when compared to the Fiesta, the Corsa more than holds its own where it counts. It’s a practice and solid-handling car and with an electric version in the works, it’s also quite future proof.

Volkswagen Polo – The Polo might not be quite as popular as the Corsa or the Fiesta (its most common competitors) but for our money, it’s one of the best value cars on the market. It’s roomier, more comfortable and more tech-focused than just about any other car of its size in its price range.

Mercedes Benz A-class – When it comes to premium performance and comfort, there is no brand quite like Mercedes. The A-class is the most popular premium car for a reason too. Not only does it boast petrol, diesel and hybrid options but there are  so many customisation options available that your A-class is going to be a completely different beast to your neighbours A-class.